We were dismayed to learn this morning that the Anthem MRX-700 will no longer be made. Anthem tell us this is due to a global lack of availability of some components that are used in it. Fortunately the MRX-300 and MRX-500 are not affected. If you want a higher performance Anthem

The Humble AV Receiver typically sits at the heart of a home cinema system. It acts as surround sound decoder, audio and video switch / preamp and power amp, which is asking a lot from a single box. The majority of AV receivers struggle to do everything well when everything

Just when you thought that you knew what would create the best sound in a particular size of loudspeaker, along comes a manufacturer with a new development that shakes things up: Enter the DALI Epicon 2. This little powerhouse of a speaker is simply sublime in all aspects. Aesthetically DALI

Some installs take a little more effort than others. This home cinema system is based in a Chalet high in the French Alps, and needed some work after a series of power cuts had fried the hard disk where the customer’s music was stored and seriously upset the Arcam AVR600 AV receiver

The Oppo BDP-103EU reviewed here is Oppo’s new version of the multi-function Blu-Ray player. It boasts a huge range of features many aimed at getting the very best picture and sound out of your media. It works superbly out of the box with minimal setting up, however if you want to

The Linn Magik DSM is in effect a single box source/pre-power unit, however saying this doesn’t really do it justice! When you add in HDMI switching, a plethora of other source inputs and the Linn DS player, plus the punchy and highly capable internal power amplifier, the true picture starts

The latest installation in a customer’s loft home cinema conversion is now finished. With no windows to trouble about, the result is a cosy and comfortable listening and viewing room.   More photos to come when we’ve taken some better ones! The kit list includes: Anthem MRX-700 AV amplifier DALI