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Elac Carina BS 243.4 in white (Ex Demonstration)

Elac Speakers

These amazing little speakers sound so much bigger than they appear – huge soundstage, great timing and astonishing detail especially with vocals. A demonstration is a must.  Boxed, just run in nicely !

Price New £999

This Pair £799

Save 200 !


Melco N1Z/2EX-S40 Solid State Drive Audiophile Server, Ex-Demo, Black

Our well-loved N1Z Solid state drive 4Tb server is up for grabs – The N1Z chassis being top of the range and is the best sound quality you can get for the critical front end of your streaming system.  Rip and store your favourite CD’s in bit-perfect format (Requires CD ripper) download 24bit studio masters from highresaudio.com and Qobuz directly to the server using a bit-perfect, error checked downloader (simply order online and the download is automatic).  If you’ve not heard a Melco server in action, come over to our showroom for a demo – it is a must !   Boxed, accessories, Immaculate !

Price New £10,999

This Unit £7,499

Save £3500 !


Melco S-100 Audiophile Switch – immaculate, boxed

Melco S100

We have a couple of Melco S-100 switches, both immaculate, and complete with boxes and accessories.  Don’t be fooled by other “audiophile” switches on the market – this is the ONLY (with the exception of the Melco S-10) Ethernet Switch built from the ground up as an audiophile product (its not an IT product re-packaged).  It transforms the sound of your streamer by removing RF noise, removing unwanted data packets, re-ordering them and clocking them out to your streamer with a high precision, low jitter, clock (unlike the 2c Chinese clock chip in your router !). If you haven’t heard one in action, get yourself over to our showroom for a demo !

Price New £2149

One Silver Unit, One black: £1699 each

Save £450 !

Ex-Demo Melco E100 3Tb Expansion Drive

Melco E100

Ex Demo Expansion drive – adds 3TB storage to your Melco Music Server – simply plugs into the back of your Melco Server to increase storage capacity. This is our Ex-Demo unit and in as-new condition, also, as we are a Melco Master Dealer, this comes with a 5-year warranty.

Melco E100 price new £1099.00

Ex Demo unit price £799.00

Save £300.00!


Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge

The MC Anna from Ortofon is a luxury high-end moving coil cartridge in Ortofon’s premium Exclusive Series cartridge range. This state-of-the-art product, representative of numerous Ortofon design elements and ideals, is truly capable of the highest degree of performance possible from a premium analogue hi-fi system. This one is little used (less than 50h on the clock) and is immaculate with its accessories and box. It is available to audition in our showroom.

Ortofon MC Anna Ortofon MC Anna Ortofon MC Anna Ortofon MC Anna

Price New £5500

This Demo cartridge £3200

Save £2300 !

More Cartridges:

We have a couple of  cartridges which all work well with high end turntables:

  • Lyra Delos  new price £1,195
  • Ortofon MC Anna (see separate second hand sale above£3,200.00 (normally £5,500)
  • MySonic Signature Platinum (probably the best cartridge we’ve ever heard!).  Our demo unit is £6,680.00 (normally £8,800)


MySonic Signature Platinum Cartridge
MySonic Signature Platinum Cartridge
Lyra Delos Cartridge
Lyra Delos Cartridge









Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 DAC/Preamp

Chord Hugo TT2This superb preamp has been part of our minimal demonstration system and is a highly effective DAC/Preamp shooting way above it’s diminutive size – come and have a listen to it in our showroom


Chord TT2 DAC rear panel






Price New £4250


Chord Electronics Hugo M-Scaler

TChord M-Scalerhe Chord M-Scaler upscales 44.1KHz CD quality output by 16 times, adding unique filtering for improved DAC handling, and a better sound output – hearing is believing, so come and have a listen to it in our showroom!





Price New £3995

This unit £2499

Save £1496 !

Chord Electronics TToby Power Amp

Chord TToby Power AmplifierThis superb Power Amp has been part of our minimal demonstration system and as per most of the chord range shooting way above it’s diminutive size – come and have a listen to it in our showroom

Featuring an amazing 100Wpc (into 4ohms), it is a great sounding amplifier taking up a minimum footprint.





Price New £2995

This Ex-demo unit £1995

Save £1000 !


Chord Electronics Qutest standalone compact DAC with USB

This amazing little DAC will supercharge your digital sources and has a bluetooth interface too.  Punches well above its weight ! As new condition and fully boxed with all accessories.


Price New £1350.00

This unit £799.00

Sold !