Featured Product of the Week: Sony VPL-HW500ES

The Sony VPL-HW500ES must be the first affordable 4K projector in the world.

Sony VPL-VW500ESSony have created a marvel here with a full native 4K projector for £8,800

  • Native 4K Resolution – 4096 x 2160 pixels
  • 1,700 lumens • 2K-4K scaling
  • Full 3D support in 4K
  • Built in 3D RF emitter
  • 2000,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 26db, 14kg, 3 Year Prime Support



We have included this here, as it represents the latest in the shift into higher definition displays. As screens get bigger, there is more to be gained from higher resolution images. 4K is rapidly becoming the basic resolution for films to be created in, so inevitably there will be more films available in a 4K format.

Although currently there is no media available that allows you to buy 4K films other than by download, we don’t see this as a problem. Downloading is becoming the accepted norm, and frees you from the confines of the conventionally available media. Players include devices like the Sony 4K Media Server (only available in the USA) and also the  Red-Ray player from RED, one of the foremost 4K camera experts. The other potential source is the up and coming Play Station 4.

Download a copy of the Sony VPL-HW500ES datasheet here

Contact us for a demonstration of this fabulous projector with 4K super high definition source material.