Kaleidescape Cinema One Low cost one box video server launched

Kaleidescape Cinema One with disc
Kaleidescape Cinema One

The Kaleidescape Cinema One is the new all-in-one movie server unit from Kaleidescape.  It stores up to 600 DVD-quality or 100 Blu-ray quality movies in the highest audio and video fidelity. It is the first Kaleidescape movie server priced at £3,295, it offers the Kaleidescape Experience in a simple-to-install, easy-to-use player.

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The new Kaleidescape Cinema One is the first component in Kaleidescape’s Cinema line, featuring a stylish new design, lower price and easy setup. The existing Kaleidescape product line is now called the Premiere line.

The Kaleidescape Cinema One can also be connected to the M700 Disk Vault for near instant playback of your Blu-Ray movies, and a second Kaleidescape Cinema One can be connected to the network to provide a pooled video server resource, doubling the capacity. Start playing a movie in the Lounge on one of the Cinema One players, pause it, and then resume playing the same movie from where you paused it, on the second Cinema One player in the Bedroom.

Video Clip introducing the Kaleidescape Cinema One

Full Blu-Ray Quality Movie Downloads

Introducing the worlds first movie download service in full Blu-Ray quality (1080p with high resolution audio formats).  Kaleidescape have brought to you the facility to download full HD movies onto your Kaleidescape Cinema One at competitive prices at the click of a button.

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Once you’ve purchased a movie on your Kaleidescape Cinema One, you can watch it as many times as you like, and if you wish to free up space on the hard drive, you can delete it, then in future download it again free of charge if you’d like to watch it again.  Downloaded movies can be watched on up to 5 different Kaleidescape systems connected to the same network.

For more details on the Kaleidescape experience, see the video on our main Kaleidescape Page.