Going Green with Solar

HiFi Cinema Environmental Actions

We are passionate about the Green revolution, and are doing what we can be as environmentally friendly as we can be.

  • We are truly going green with solar: 35 Solar panels cover our roof (see image below) Thats 11kW peak capacity.
  • In the last 12 months we’ve generated 7.8MWh (thats 7.8 million watt hours) of electricity.  2.7MWh was exported to the grid.
  • Our company cars are all-electric with a charging point on front of the building, charging the cars from the sun when we can.
  • We have Air-Sourced heat pumps for high efficiency heating and cooling
  • Lighting in the building uses high efficiency LED and fluorescent lights to further reduce our energy usage
  • We try to minimise or eliminate the use of single use plastics
  • Where we can, we reuse packaging materials to reduce the requirements for new.
  • We recycle all of our waste paper and cardboard
  • Waste Electronics are recycled in accordance with “WEEE regulations 2013” government guidance
  • There is 30cm of insulation we have added into our roof void, increasing the thermal efficiency of the building.
  • We are in the process of replacing all our windows with efficient double glazed units.
  • We try to switch off lights when we don’t need them, reducing our energy requirements.

Solar panels on teh HiFi Cinema Roof

35 Solar Panels covering the HiFi Cinema roof


HiFi Cinema all-electric Nissan Leafs

HiFi Cinema is a Low Carbon Workspace