Pink Floyd The Wall sign
We’re delighted to be able to offer these excellent illuminated wall panels. This Pink Floyd The Wall one is available for £250, custom panels are £399 (subject to artwork), with further copies at £250 each. These panels measure 60cm x 60cm for the square ones and 60cm x 30cm for

SUPERNAIT 3 - Image 1
Although unsurprisingly somewhat eclipsed by the Statement Pre-Amp in our showroom, we have also taken delivery of a new Naim Supernait 3 integrated amplifier. We were hugely impressed by the Mk2 version, however this one has taken things to a whole new level. Adding a phono stage to jump straight

Naim Statement System
We have just taken delivery of a shiny new toy for our showroom: Naim Statement Pre-Amp We fell in love with the Statement system when we were able to demo it in our showroom some months ago. Since then we have worked steadily to have one in our showroom, and

When transporting your LP12 for example bringing it to us for a Service, it is important to protect the bearings of both the Arm and the platter. If you have the original packaging, then this offers the best protection, and here’s a quick run-through on how to pack it. If

Magic LP12 Oak
We’ve had a steady flow of Linn LP12 turntables in for servicing and upgrades this year. One of the most frequent questions is “What upgrade will give me the most benefit?”. This is a tricky question to answer, as it depends on the age and state of the turntable in

Technics SL1000R
If you are looking for the best in vinyl replay, then one of the contenders to consider is the Technics SL-1000R.  Technics have revitalised their activities in the audiophile space, and the crowning glory is their direct drive turntable. When we first heard this, it didn’t take us long to

We’ve been working hard to clear out various rooms upstairs to create a nicer reception area, more akin to a showroom, and improve the layout of our downstairs reception area at the same time.  So the old Black corner sofa went upstairs, and a snazzy new one from Front Row

Every now and again we try a new bit of kit to see if we can improve on our already capable top end system. Little by little we push the bar higher, but every now and then something very significant comes along. KOG audio told us about a new Tellurium

Showroom Utopia Scala Evo pair
Looking to introduce a higher quality reference Loudspeaker to our showroom (one that we could actually afford!), we ended up with the Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers.  They have been in our showroom for a couple of months now, and we’re completely delighted with them. As they have run in

Jan News 19
Thank you 2018 has been our best ever year – our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who has bought from us. New in our Showroom: Focal Scala Utopia Evo Speakers We are delighted to now be able to demonstrate the fabulous Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers, which are our

We had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Naim’s new ND555 reference Streaming player as an upgrade to the NDS streamer in our showroom. Naim were on hand a couple of weeks ago to demonstrate their improvements over the NDS to us and to attendees of the ND555 Launch event.

We are in the fortunate position to have both a Linn Klimax LP12 and a Technics SL-1000R in our showroom, so we thought we’d have a bit of a shootout between them, as they’re theoretically in the same league. The Linn Klimax LP12 has been a fixture in our showroom

Technics SL1000R
Some months ago we got to play with the Technics SL-1000R direct drive turntable. This phenominal piece of engineering arrived in a monumental wheeled box, boding well for the attention to detail that the people at Technics had applied. We were not dissappointed in the performance of the turntable itself,

Naim’s Uniti Nova has been a while in gestation, however now we have one in the flesh, and have played with it for some time, our enthusiasm has bubbled over… This integrated streaming player/Amp is the big brother to the Uniti Atom, and claims to be the Audiophile version. The

Sub K-14 F in black
The Sub-Woofer is often a sadly neglected part of a home cinema setup, and frequently shoved out of the way behind the sofa, or into a corner. Whilst this is frequently feasible as the lower audio frequencies cannot generate any direction information in you ear, this is not the best

Typically we find that there is a disconnect between Loudspeakers that sound good, and Loudspeakers that look good. Mostly this is because a square sided box is easy to manufacture, and so attention goes into the sound quality. If attention goes into the aesthetics, then this is often at the

RS2990_Uniti Atom Product Photos-scr
Naim have been beavering away for the last few years creating a new range of Audio players to take advantage of the latest developments in digital streaming. We ordered ours towards the end of last year, and have finally taken delivery of our first units. The wait has been well

Front view of T+A PDP3000HV SACD player
Some manufacturers come to our attention because of our search for better and better sounding equipment, and T+A is one of these. We were looking for a high end CD player, and were drawn to the T+A  PDP3000HV, which is now sitting in pride of place in our showroom. This