Showroom Utopia Scala Evo pair
Looking to introduce a higher quality reference Loudspeaker to our showroom (one that we could actually afford!), we ended up with the Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers.  They have been in our showroom for a couple of months now, and we’re completely delighted with them. As they have run in

Jan News 19
Thank you 2018 has been our best ever year – our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who has bought from us. New in our Showroom: Focal Scala Utopia Evo Speakers We are delighted to now be able to demonstrate the fabulous Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers, which are our

We had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Naim’s new ND555 reference Streaming player as an upgrade to the NDS streamer in our showroom. Naim were on hand a couple of weeks ago to demonstrate their improvements over the NDS to us and to attendees of the ND555 Launch event.

We are in the fortunate position to have both a Linn Klimax LP12 and a Technics SL-1000R in our showroom, so we thought we’d have a bit of a shootout between them, as they’re theoretically in the same league. The Linn Klimax LP12 has been a fixture in our showroom

Technics SL1000R
Some months ago we got to play with the Technics SL-1000R direct drive turntable. This phenominal piece of engineering arrived in a monumental wheeled box, boding well for the attention to detail that the people at Technics had applied. We were not dissappointed in the performance of the turntable itself,

Naim’s Uniti Nova has been a while in gestation, however now we have one in the flesh, and have played with it for some time, our enthusiasm has bubbled over… This integrated streaming player/Amp is the big brother to the Uniti Atom, and claims to be the Audiophile version. The

Sub K-14 F in black
The Sub-Woofer is often a sadly neglected part of a home cinema setup, and frequently shoved out of the way behind the sofa, or into a corner. Whilst this is frequently feasible as the lower audio frequencies cannot generate any direction information in you ear, this is not the best

Typically we find that there is a disconnect between Loudspeakers that sound good, and Loudspeakers that look good. Mostly this is because a square sided box is easy to manufacture, and so attention goes into the sound quality. If attention goes into the aesthetics, then this is often at the

RS2990_Uniti Atom Product Photos-scr
Naim have been beavering away for the last few years creating a new range of Audio players to take advantage of the latest developments in digital streaming. We ordered ours towards the end of last year, and have finally taken delivery of our first units. The wait has been well

Front view of T+A PDP3000HV SACD player
Some manufacturers come to our attention because of our search for better and better sounding equipment, and T+A is one of these. We were looking for a high end CD player, and were drawn to the T+A  PDP3000HV, which is now sitting in pride of place in our showroom. This

Google Chromecast Streaming Player
Want to stream video into your super new Home Cinema without plugging a laptop into it? Here are some of the best choices available to you: 1 Blu-Ray player with Streaming Apps included. Many of the regular Blu-Ray players have included smart Apps, which make them into a handy if

Anthem MRX-720 side
The Anthem AV Receivers have been favourites of ours for some time, and this is principally due to their audio excellence. The Anthem MRX 720, is their middle tier product in the MRX series, and is the work horse of our Home Cinema Showroom. The unit is capable of directly

March 17 News
Time to think about Spring-Cleaning your HiFi or Home Cinema – read our blog article here for  some tips The chances are that your HiFi has been sitting still for some time whilst you enjoy your music – read our tips for rejuvinating the sound without necessarily upgrading to the

Love Turntable1
Back in October, we found the Magnetic Levitation Turntable (MagLev), now we’ve found another revolutionary (sic) turntable – Love Turntable. In this case rather than rotating the record, the Love Turntable rotates itself around the record, using Bluetooth and/or WiFi to connect to your audio device – it even includes

New Gen Minipod Black3
The MiniPod Loudspeaker is one of those iconic designs that has stayed around – the original concept of form follows function is still as relevent today as it was at the birth of the MiniPod in 1995. After all the laws of acoustics are still the same, only our materials

rear channel Rubicon LCR
Time to think about Spring-Cleaning your HiFi or Home Cinema – here are some tips… The chances are that your HiFi has been sitting still for some time – here are some tips for rejuvinating the sound without necessarily upgrading to the latest £19k streaming player. Lose the Dust Simply

New Screen6
We first heard these on-wall speakers at the DALI Launch in London, and could hardly believe our ears! – a pair of on-wall loudspeakers that sound like a good pair of floor-standing speakers. We had to get some and try them in our showroom, and were not dissappointed. -Initially we

We have been hard at work updating our showroom over recent weeks. This has been with two HiFi Cinema showroom objectives in mind: Show off full CinemaScope films Update the look for a more contemporary feel with added WoW! With a standard 16:9 widescreen TV format screen, you get a