Top-end HiFi and Home Cinema

Sometimes a project comes along that we get really excited about. This project which has been a number of years in the making, is for an elegant living room incorporating  some of the very best of Hi-Fi and a Home Cinema. Some years ago we installed the Projector lift and Electric Screen, as part of […]

Basement Cinema in home extension

This Cinema Room was designed to go into a Basement that was dug as part of a house extension. When we first went there it was just a hole in the ground, however with a bit of careful planning our customer has turned it into a superbly comfortable and enjoyable cinema space. Two rows of […]

New Build Cinema Room

  This dedicated room was built for a film enthusiast and inspired by our showroom. full 4K UHD HDR capability,and Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 were a must-have spec. With upholstered wall panels providing a combination of a cosy feel with great acoustic treatment. Lighting was provided by a combination of downlights and an RGBW LED strip […]

Dedicated Cinemascope 4K Cinema Room with Dolby Atmos sound system (Home Extension)

widescreen cinema room

  Originally our customers had been quoted a “cinema system” by their electricians who were wiring their new extension.  They decided to pay us a visit as they wanted a specialist in the field to design and build something using “better than your average mass market products” and with an eye for the look and […]

Cinemascope Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 Home Cinema

Cinemascope Screen

We love it when customers are really enthusiastic about their Home Cinema system, and we’re delighted when the end result is as good as this. This stunning Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system using the Anthem AVM60 surround processor, Anthem PVA 7 and PVA4 power amplifiers and DALI Rubicon LCR on-wall speakers delivering superb sound in spades. […]

4k Cinemascope format Cinema Room

4K widescreen cinema room

  In a distinctly upmarket property in Surrey we designed and installed this high performance 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) cinema room complete with acoustically transparent AV wall incorporating the equipment cabinet at the bottom.  The design looks like a flat wall but in fact houses the amplifiers, ethernet hub and all the sources.  All […]

Cinemascope Home Cinema Showroom update

We have been hard at work updating our showroom over recent weeks. This has been with two HiFi Cinema showroom objectives in mind: Show off full CinemaScope films Update the look for a more contemporary feel with added WoW! With a standard 16:9 widescreen TV format screen, you get a suitably impressive picture and room-filling […]

Multi-Room AV distribution and lighting

Drop Ceiling with LED wash

This Project involved AV distribution and multi-room audio system to cover pretty much the whole house. The system was to include a cinema system in a TV room, and also to include mood lighting to a number of rooms, the central hall and landings. A minimalist approach to the TVs was taken, with no visible […]

Multi-Room AV and dedicated Cinema Room

Dedicated HiFi Cinema Room

The Brief for this project evolved over a number of months. It involved AV distribution to most rooms about the house, with a variety of quality presentations depending on the room. Added to this was a dedicated High spec Home Cinema In short we ended up with: 8 zones of Sonos Music 7 zones of Linn Music […]

Basement Cinema Room

Basement Cinema View 2

We were asked to install a simple but great sounding system, to create a basement cinema room that would play satellite TV, streamed TV, Blu-Rays and music. The system we came up with used the new DALI Rubicon speakers, for a great sound in this large room. Amplification was provided by a combination of an Anthem […]

Motor Yacht AV

Occasionally we get asked to provide some special sounding systems for awkward installations. Motor yachts have their own special requirements including: Tight space availability (even in the very large yachts!) Vibration (generally houses don’t move) Mains Power (often power is cut when swapping between ship & shore power) Aggressive RF environment (Often there are powerful Radar and […]

Linn LP12 Service and upgrade (For our Analogue Audiophile customers)

Akurate LP12

LP12 Service and Upgrades Linn’s reference standard transcription turntable, the Sondek LP12 delivers unrivalled musical reproduction to get the most from your cherished vinyl collection.  Older LP12’s can be fully upgraded to the latest spec. no matter what vintage they are (we recently upgraded a 35 year old deck with a new plinth, arm, cartridge […]