We aim to brighten up these dark wintry days with some first class home entertainment solutions. Make the most of working from home with better sounding audio and video… We are planning an online event with Naim Audio for the 4th of March 2021 with one or two sessions. The

Mike at Chasing the Dragon
Happy New Year! Chasing the Dragon at HiFi Cinema. 16th January 2020 No not that… Mike Valentine from Chasing the Dragon Records will be hosting an evening of audiophile music on January 16th from 6pm at our showroom. Explaining his recording processes including direct cut to vinyl. Mike is a

Forget the election for an evening: Join us to listen to a selection of music covering the career of UK supergroup Dire Straits. We’ll be playing music on the best HiFi we’ve ever had in our showroom. Technics SL1000 turntable, Naim ND555 streaming player, Naim Statement S1 pre-amp, Naim NAP-500

If you have a collection of vinyl LPs and an old turntable that was shoved into the loft years ago, dust it all off and lets see what we can do to make it really sing. The Linn LP12 has been in production since 1973 and is one of those rare breeds

Utopian Evening of Music
  What a fantastic evening this was with no less than 4 of Naim’s staff in attendance including Naim’s MD Charlie Henderson.  After a short demonstration of Naim’s streamers (ND5-XS-2,  NDX-2,  NDX-2 with 555 PSU, and the stunning ND555 with both one and two 555 Power supplies) our enthusiastic customers

Ultimate Cars Ultimate Music Event
  Join us for this special event hosted by Bentley Berkshire (HR Owen) near Reading. In association with Barclays Bank, we invite you to listen to your favourite artists on a seriously high end Naim / Focal system, in the company of the most prestigious cars from Bentley. Guy Smith

  Join us for the much awaited Naim ND555 music streamer launch !  Jason Gould and Mike Heath from Naim Audio will be on hand to answer your questions and we will be comparing the much loved NDS with the new “triple five” in a shoot out.      

Join us to listen to some great music played on the latest Katalyst enhanced Akurate Digital Streaming player from Linn. Katalyst is Linn’s latest (4th generation) DAC architecture, and was initially created for and installed in the Klimax DS and Klimax DSM streaming players. This DAC architecture has now been

Technics Evening
Come and Join us to celebrate Technics’ relaunch in the UK with the latest incarnation of their popular SL-1200 direct drive turntable. We will be playing a variety of music from Vinyl and digital sources and using 3 new components from Technics: SL-1200G direct drive Turntable S-G30 Network Amplifier SU-G700

Come and listen to some of the best that Vinyl has to offer – experience the quality it is possible to get from your old vinyl collection with one of the best turntables available: the Linn LP12. The event starts at 4pm and will go on until around 8pm: We

Join us in our Showroom for the launch of the new Klimax DS featuring Linn’s 4th Generation DAC Architecture – Katalyst. First introduced in 2007, the Klimax DS was the world’s first truly high-end network music player. Now featuring our Katalyst DAC Architecture, digital-to-analogue conversion is performed with unprecedented precision.

9th February 2017 from 4pm to 9pm Come and experience the changes we’ve made to our showroom: Bigger screen: wall-to-wall in full Cinemascope Format 3D object oriented Dolby Atmos sound system. Full 4K projector, Amp and Sources Fabulous new Star Ceiling with LED surround We will be playing a variety

Join us for a superb demonstration of Ultra High Definition movies played on our 4K Sony projector. UHD makes the same jump again from High Definition (HD) as HD did from standard TV / DVD resolution. UHD is also referred to as 4K (though is not quite the same), as

Friday 27th May was an exciting day.  Customers of HiFi Cinema and HR Owen (Pangbourne) assembled at the Bentley showroom in Pangbourne to pick up their cars for the day and drive in convoy to Salisbury for a personalised tour of the Naim factory. The drive was sublime – I

Wow, what a spectacular success this was !  Both the 6.00pm and 8.00pm presentations were full of enthusiastic followers of Music and Gorgeous Cars. There was a real buzz about the place even from when we started to set up the Naim / Focal system in the superb new Bentley

Festive Music and Movies Event
Come for an evening of Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and superb Music and Movie Clips. We will be playing music from Vinyl and Digital Streaming in Studio Master Resolution as part of our celebrations for the festive season. If you have some suitable music you’d like to hear on our

Focal Sopra N2
New in are the Focal Sopra No2 Loudspeakers. This exciting new range draws from 20 years of engineering heritage from the flagship Utopia range, with innovative new technologies in a stylish and compact design. Priced at £9599.00, these loudspeakers bring the Utopia sound to a more affordable range. To celebrate these

Naim Super Lumina Event
Come and see what a difference the new Naim Super Lumina cables can make to your HiFi. We’re running a series of demonstrations all afternoon and into the evening, where you can hear the difference these superb new cables from Naim can make. One customer review after he took some

Digital Streaming Made Easy
    It’s not just music that sounds better with a Linn Network Music Player; movies, games, TV, radio -anything you listen to at home can be played in the highest quality available. Come along to our Linn Sweet Streams event and discover all the great things a Linn Network

Kajaki. The true story
SPECIAL SCREENING OF “KAJAKI. THE TRUE STORY” FOR PANGBOURNE BRITISH LEGION. A small unit of soldiers is dug into a ridge overlooking the Kajaki dam. A three man patrol sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock. In a dried out river bed at the foot of the ridge, one of the