OK GO in June newsletter
Now that summer is here… We thought we’d celebrate the summer with a combination of music, video and the outdoors by sharing the wonderful OK GO Needing/Getting music video with you. These guys clearly have vivid imaginations and way too much time available! New Loudspeakers from DALI Last week we

AK240 - 24 bit audio capable player
Though not specifically a product, there is a growth in 24 bit audio capable digital music players, and that growth is there for a reason: it sounds more real. And isn’t that the aim of any music system? – the ideal is that you can close your eyes, and you’re

  Many people know that the latest in flat screens produce a great picture, but the sound leaves them a bit, well, flat. The popularity of soundbars is a great demonstrator of the desire for a better sound experience to enhance our viewing pleasure, and these can be a great

Ella Fitzgerald in 24 Bit A couple of the many new albums available from Linn Records have caught our attention:  Ella Fitzgerald sings The Cole Porter Songbook album, and also Ella Fitzgerald sings The Jerome Kern Songbook both Licensed from Decca. We’ve not actually heard these yet, but can’t wait!

Oppo PM-1 Headphones
The Oppo PM-1 Headphones promised to be something interesting, and when our first pair arrived today, we eagerly dug them out of the box to have a look and listen. First impressions were, well, impressive! – the headphones are nestled in a beautiful looking presentation case, which sits in a

April News
View this email in your browser DALI Wireless Speakers                             Whilst not completely wireless (they need a mains connection) they still have Bluetooth wireless connectivity, together with Optical, and 3.5mm jack connections. Use as a single unit, or connected to a Kubik Xtra for a stereo pair. The DALI Kubik speaker

Don’t forget the government’s streaming levy (12.5p/minute of  streamed music or video) comes into effect today. You should get a warning about this cost each time, but the mobile and broadband operators are behind with the technology, so beware of running up large bills without realising you are doing so.

We are frequently asked to help advise on positioning of equipment in a TV room or home cinema. This is generally straight forward if the room is dedicated, however where the room is to have  shared use for example as both a general sitting room , and as a home cinema. This

Our March Newsletter is out now:   24 Bit portable audio                              The Astell & Kern AK120 is a little marvel of a portable music player. Doubly so, as when you connect it to your HiFi it’s easy to appreciate it as a  fully grown high end Music player. This

Astell and Kern AK120
The Astell & Kern AK120 is a little marvel of a portable music player. This diminutive device is capable of storing and playing music files up to 24 bits and 192KHz resolution, and has superb internal DACs to get the best out of your music. The AK120 can act as a

Harmony Ultimate
The Harmony Ultimate Touch remote control is the latest device in a series of remote control products that Logitech have created over the years. This one however is simply great. Those clever chaps at Logitech have created a remote control that is easy to use and flexible enough to cover

Subwoofer setup
We have come across a number of installations (not performed by us!) where bass is a bit of an issue – either far, far too much of it, mismatched compared to the other speakers, or just uninspiring.  As with many systems there are a number of different ways to connect subwoofers,

We featured this as product of the week early last year, before we had even heard one. However now we have had a chance to listen to one installed on a top-end LP12, and we are quite frankly amazed at the job Linn have done. Linn Say: “This is the

Home Cinema audio
Following on from last weeks Elephant Traps in Home Cinema Setup, it got us thinking about the various audio modes that the average AV receiver is capable of decoding and generating, and that there is a generally poor understanding of what these audio modes do (or don’t do) for you.

Naim Mains lead
Within the HiFi world, much is often made of the IEC mains leads to bring the mains power to your lovely shiny electronics. In fact we sell the Naim Powerline cables (£475) which can make a surprisingly dramatic difference to the capabilities of your Naim equipment. However it is often

HDMI Cable
Whilst re-jigging the home cinema system (at home), all seemed to go well. We have a TV that we use for the majority of the viewing on, and a projector for those big screen evenings. These operate as two separate systems, as they sit at right angles to each other,

OK I Know this has nothing to do with Audio or Home Cinema, other than obscurely by being able to make home movies with an airborne camera. However I thought that as Christmas has just gone, and people are getting to grips with their new toys, this might feature as

WiFi Survey of the ship
  Most installations are somewhat fixed in location, however when the installation is on a Yacht, that can be a problem for providing maintenance and service. This particular installation went very well whilst the yacht was being fitted in Southampton, however after being sailed to the Mediterranean and lived on

The Sony VPL-HW500ES must be the first affordable 4K projector in the world. Sony have created a marvel here with a full native 4K projector for £8,800 Native 4K Resolution – 4096 x 2160 pixels 1,700 lumens • 2K-4K scaling Full 3D support in 4K Built in 3D RF emitter

Thursday the 12th October saw our Anthem MRX-710 launch spectacular, which as it turned out was a bit of a world exclusive. Due to a mix-up in dates at Anthem, we ended up with a preview that was a world first, as the official launch date was the 15th! Launch