Naim Mains lead
Within the HiFi world, much is often made of the IEC mains leads to bring the mains power to your lovely shiny electronics. In fact we sell the Naim Powerline cables (£475) which can make a surprisingly dramatic difference to the capabilities of your Naim equipment. However it is often

HDMI Cable
Whilst re-jigging the home cinema system (at home), all seemed to go well. We have a TV that we use for the majority of the viewing on, and a projector for those big screen evenings. These operate as two separate systems, as they sit at right angles to each other,

OK I Know this has nothing to do with Audio or Home Cinema, other than obscurely by being able to make home movies with an airborne camera. However I thought that as Christmas has just gone, and people are getting to grips with their new toys, this might feature as

WiFi Survey of the ship
  Most installations are somewhat fixed in location, however when the installation is on a Yacht, that can be a problem for providing maintenance and service. This particular installation went very well whilst the yacht was being fitted in Southampton, however after being sailed to the Mediterranean and lived on

The Sony VPL-HW500ES must be the first affordable 4K projector in the world. Sony have created a marvel here with a full native 4K projector for £8,800 Native 4K Resolution – 4096 x 2160 pixels 1,700 lumens • 2K-4K scaling Full 3D support in 4K Built in 3D RF emitter

Thursday the 12th October saw our Anthem MRX-710 launch spectacular, which as it turned out was a bit of a world exclusive. Due to a mix-up in dates at Anthem, we ended up with a preview that was a world first, as the official launch date was the 15th! Launch

Arcam AVR750 front
We are pleased to have received one of the new Arcam AVR750 receivers for our showroom. We had a listen to these some time ago and had to put ourselves down for a demonstration unit. Now it is installed and working, we’re not disappointed in the sound one jot. It

Kaleidescape Cinema One with disc
The Kaleidescape Cinema One is the new all-in-one movie server unit from Kaleidescape.  It stores up to 600 DVD-quality or 100 Blu-ray quality movies in the highest audio and video fidelity. It is the first Kaleidescape movie server priced at £3,295, it offers the Kaleidescape Experience in a simple-to-install, easy-to-use player. Click

We were recently asked to upgrade an old Linn LP12 to a more modern spec. On closer examination it turns out that this turntable is 35 years old, and more or less as it was built back in 1978! It is seldom that a product in the home entertainment field

OK! Ok!  I know that this isn’t strictly speaking one of our usual AV products, however as it’s hot and sunny, we’re all outside making the most of the lovely weather, and how better to record your adventures for later viewing on your Home Cinema System, than with a GoPro Hero

Arcam AVR750 launch   We had a chance to listen to the new AVR750 from Arcam the other day, and this certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has a very high spec, and uses analogue pre-amp technology from Arcam’s A19 stereo amp. It’s truly a joy to listen to, and with pin-sharp video (including 4k

The Linn Power Up summer promotion offers 3 ways to power up your listening pleasure: Go Aktiv Free Aktiv cards when you purchase the power amp(s) required to take your system fully Aktiv – the ultimate playback performance. This is only available for taking a pair of Linn speakers to fully aktiv

HiFiCinema Webstore Now Active Here at HiFi Cinema, we have been working on a new webstore, to allow easier access to those products suitable for selling over the internet. The plan is for it to be as much of a one-stop-shop as we can, so we are open to suggestions

Linn’s Kiko System is a single package music streaming player – in fact it’s more than that: With a wealth of additional inputs it is designed to sit at the heart of an entertainment system to provide high quality music from whatever source you listen to. Whether it is a

These little speakers are by a long way one of the best looking and sounding speakers for desk-top applications that we’ve seen. We were originally enthralled by their looks, but when we received a pair to listen to, the sound quality just put a smile on our faces! -You can’t

When it comes to cinema screens, there have been various attempts to change the screen surface makeup over the years, but principally the screen has been White or silver-white. This is fine as far as reflecting the projector light back into the room for people to see the images, and

If you’ve a 78′ Motor yacht and a passion for high quality music, then installing a Linn DS based music system is the natural progression. This recently completed installation has 4 zones around the yacht, able to stream audio at Studio Master resolution from the on-board 2 x 1Tb NAS

The Paradigm Reference Signature Sub2, is one of the most awesome pieces of kit we’ve ever had in our showroom. It is not for the faint hearted though as it weighs a hefty 106Kgs and had us puffing and wheezing to get it into place. Once installed connected and turned

Never ones to stand still, Linn have been beavering away in the background to improve the sound from their Iconic LP12 turntable. The latest improvement comes in the form of a new cartridge: the Kandid. Linn Say: “This is the best sounding cartridge we’ve ever made… One of the key