Featured Product of the Week: DJI Phantom Quadcopter

OK I Know this has nothing to do with Audio or Home Cinema, other than obscurely by being able to make home movies with an airborne camera. However I thought that as Christmas has just gone, and people are getting to grips with their new toys, this might feature as one of those toys!

DJI Phantom quadcopter


Put simply, this is one of the most advanced and fun toys we’ve had the opportunity to play with. The Quadcopter is simply a remote controlled flying platform. It comes with a mount and bracket to hold a GoPro digital camera, and makes a great combination for aerial photography.

Normally people struggle for years to learn to fly a remote controlled helicopter – I have tried myself, and can categorically say from experience that they are far harder to fly than the real thing. However in the world of the quadcopter things are changing for the better. A sophisticated processor and series of sensors built into the DJI Phantom, means that it is self stabilising and will happily stay in one place without having to touch the controls. There are even modes where the controls are referenced to you rather than the aircraft itself. It means that away from you is always away from you etc., and if you’re flying towards yourself, you don’t have to mentally face in the opposite direction. These modes are available with the features enabled by plugging into a computer running the setup program.

The results? – See below for a video shot by Alan using a GoPro and DJI Phantom:

There are a host of setup videos available on the DJI web site, and lots of inspirational quadcopter based videos on youtube. – Want an aerial shot of your house/yacht/folly ? look no further – you can have great fun doing it yourself with very little practice.

Available on our web store, the price has recently dropped to £335 for the DJI Phantom. We also sell the GoPro cameras, and these too are available form our web store from £199.