Featured Product of the week: Linn LP12 Turntable

We were recently asked to upgrade an old Linn LP12 to a more modern spec. On closer examination it turns out that this turntable is 35 years old, and more or less as it was built back in 1978! It is seldom that a product in the home entertainment field is this long lived, as technology changes and things go obsolete, however the Linn LP12 goes on and on, and for this we applaud Linn. It means that pretty much no matter how old your Linn LP12 is, we can make improvements to it, only limited by how much you are willing to spend!

Some feedback from our customer on completion of his LP12 system:

“I can’t recommend HiFi Cinema enough. Outstanding service, first class advice and technical know-how, and an incredible range of world class products.

Thanks again for everything.”

Mark Smith


We are already seeing the decline in CDs (HiFi Cinema stopped selling CD players some 4 years ago) with the move to digital streaming. Also slowly but surely DVDs are being replaced by Blu-Ray discs, with the next generation of Video streaming already having it’s presence felt with the likes of Kaleidescape Servers and the Ultraviolet initiative. TVs too have changed almost beyond recognition, and there is no way you can upgrade a TV from 1978 to perform well today – the best you can hope for is to plug a Freeview box into it, however the picture is likely to not be as good as even the cheapest Modern TVs:

1978 TelevisionGE’s Widescreen TV from 1978

Linn LP12


Turntables on the other hand have always been a great source for music in the home, and this is still true today. We have seen a resurgence in popularity of playing Vinyl records, and comparing the best of the latest digital streaming with a top spec Linn LP12 playing a good quality Vinyl record, there is really very little between them.

If you don’t believe me, come to our Showroom, and hear for yourself!