Special Offers

Akurate LP12Here is a quick overview of our Ex-Demonstration and used HiFi plus other special offers. These are all listed separately under the various brand special offers, however here’s a quick list to help you find something you’re interested in with links to the appropriate pages for more information.


Ex Demonstration HiFi / AV Equipment

All of the Ex-Demonstration equipment are in as-new condition unless otherwise mentioned. They all have the complete set of original packaging, manuals and accessories, unless noted otherwise.

Linn Klimax DSM/3 Organik, immaculate ex-demo unit in black, boxed, accessories 5-year warranty   £24,000.00 Linn Klimax DSM

Naim Statement Pre/Power amplifier system – Ex Demo, Immaculate, 5 year warranty                         £156,000.00   Naim Statement in our Showroom

Focal Sopra No2 loudspeakers in gloss black, immaculate, boxed, accessories                                                     £9749.00    

Focal Sopra No2 10th Anniversary in “concrete” finish. as new                                                                               £11999.00

Focal Kanta 2 in Grey / Walnut – As new condition – Boxed, accessories, full warranty                                        £6999.00  

Focal Kanta No1 loudspeakers in Walnut / Black, Ex-Demo, Immaculate, hardly run in, Boxed                        Sold !       

Linn Majik LP12 Power supply – ex demonstration unit      (Fitted to your LP12 for +£50)                                £99.00 Linn Majik LP12 PSU with switch

Melco E100 Expansion drive 3Tb of storage to increase your Melco Music capacity As-New condition           £699.00        Melco E100

Melco S-100 Switch, Immaculate, Boxed, the ONLY designed from scratch audiophile ethernet switch – black £1699.00   

Melco S-100 Switch, Immaculate, Boxed, the ONLY designed from scratch audiophile ethernet switch – silver  £1699.00   Melco S100

Melco N1Z/2EX-S40 Server 4Tb solid state drive, Immaculate, Ex Demo, Boxed, latest firmware                        £7500.00  

Plixr Dual stack triple regulated low noise PSU, 2 x 12V,  2 x 5V for Melco switch / ADOT, Boxed, immaculate     £1500.00

Naim NAC552 Pre-amp / 552-DR Power Supply, Immaculate ex-demo, boxed, accys, 4yr Warranty             £19,999.00

Naim Uniti Star – Ex-demo, immaculate, boxed, accessories, Feb 2021 model, long warranty                           £3199.00   Naim Uniti Star

Naim Uniti Atom – Ex Demo, immaculate, boxed, accessories, July 2021 model, long warranty                       £1999.00

Naim NAIT XS3 Integrated Amplifier – as-new ex-demo, boxed,  September 2020                                              £1749.00    

Naim Supernait-3 Integrated Amplifier – as new ex-demo, boxed, July 2021 mfr.                                                 £2999.00  

Naim NAPS555-DR Power supply, ex-demo, immaculate, 500 series anodised case finish May 2021          £6799.00       Naim NA555PS

Naim NAP250-DR Power Amp, Ex-demo, As new condition, boxed, accessories                                                 £3439.00   Naim NAP250-DR

Naim NAP500-DR Power Amp, Ex-demo, immaculate, boxed, accessories, low hours                                       Sold !             Naim NAP-500 with PSU

Naim Hi-Line 5pin DIN source interconnect, immaculate, boxed, ex-demo 1.2m                                                    £629.00  

MySonic Signature Platinum cartridge – immaculate, boxed with accessories                                                    £6,680.00       

Elac Carina loudspeakers – Ex Demo, immaculate pair, boxed – just run in nicely !  Satin White                           £799.00       Elac Speakers

Dali Rubicon 5 (pair) in Gloss Black, immaculate, boxed, spike kit                                                                                   £1959.00   

Dali Katch One in Iron Black, Immaculate, boxed, accessories                                                                               £349.00    

Naim MuSo Special Edition Wood – open box unit Immaculate with all accessories                                             £1199.00   

Chord M-Scaler – immaculate ex-demo unit – improve your digital sources!                                                            £2499.00  Chord M-Scaler

Chord TToby Power Amplifier – Immaculate ex-demo – boxed with all accessories                                               £1995.00  Chord TToby Power Amplifier

Chord Qutest portable DAC, As-new condition ex-demo, boxed with all accesories                                                Sold !     

Linn Majik 109 Stands – Excellent condition Ex-demonstration in Silver with original packaging                           £149.00 

Sony VPL-VW790 4K Laser projector, Feb 2022 – almost new ! 5h use, Immaculate, Boxed, 2000 lumens                    £7999.00

Pre-Loved HiFi

Used HiFi / Trade-in equipment has been checked over by us, verified as working, and we indicate in the description which accessories etc. come with it.

Sony VPL-VW320ES 4K Projector, immaculate, boxed, all accessories                                                              £1,495.00   sony-vw550-black

Naim NAP250 Olive Power Amp 1992 Nice condition                                                                                               £1195.00        

Naim XPS Olive Power Supply, well looked after, all packaging and accys.                                                                 £795.00  

Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge: Immaculate in original box Less than 50h on the clock                                      £3200.00  Ortofon MC Anna

Naim NS-01 Server / Streamer. Upgraded audio board, Latest spec. 2Tb, recent service                               £ 699.00       Naim NS01

Linn Cirkus Bearing Upgrade for LP12 – limited number available  Fitting available                                          £149.00     LP12 Cirkus bearing

Linn Akito 3b Tonearm – only 8 months old, immaculate, boxed long warranty                                                  £1250.00  

Naim Ovator S400 loudspeakers in Cherry – Nice condition, boxed with spikes                                            £899.00    

Naim NDX network player, excellent condition, boxed, accessories 2014 model                                        £999.00   Naim NDX

Naim NAC52 Olive Pre-amp with Supercap PSU, good condition for age, Boxed                                         Sold !   

Naim NAP135 Olive Power amplifiers (Pair), good condition for age, perfect working order                 £2495.00   

Anthem D2V surround processor, immaculate, boxed, ARC kit and New Remote included                     £1200.00

Paradigm S8 V3 Gloss Black – fantastic sounding speakers good condition                                                   £3,499.00     Paradigm S8 pair no grilles

Linn Kandid Cartridge – low hours superb condition, includes stylus guard and mounting screws             Sold!  Linn Kandid