Featured Product of the week Linn LP12 Karousel bearing

  Karousel, Linn’s new precision-engineered single-point bearing, offers smoother rotation and greater stability for even better sound from your Sondek LP12. This innovative new take on Linn’s original bearing design has been made possible by technological developments in material science, machining capabilities and mechanical engineering expertise gained from almost half a century of designing and […]

The Magic of Vinyl – Turntable Event 4th April 2019

If you have a collection of vinyl LPs and an old turntable that was shoved into the loft years ago, dust it all off and lets see what we can do to make it really sing. The Linn LP12 has been in production since 1973 and is one of those rare breeds of products that is still […]

New Linn Krystal Moving Coil Cartridge

Linn Krystal Cartridge

The wait is over. After two years in the making, we are delighted to announce the launch of Krystal, Linn’s latest moving coil cartridge. Capturing even more detail from the record groove that its predecessor, Klyde, the Linn Krystal has been inspired by the design principles of Linn’s flagship Kandid cartridge. Upgrade your cartridge to […]

Linn Vinyl Adikt Event: Friday 2nd May 2014

Linn Vinyl Adikt event

Are you a vinyl adikt? or do you want to learn more about the longest surviving music format? Join us as we celebrate the LP, listening to Linn’s iconic Sondek LP12 turntable. You’ll discover the craftsmanship involved in engineering the world’s best deck and experience the glory of vinyl music at its finest. You can […]

Featured product of the week: Linn Kandid cartridge

Never ones to stand still, Linn have been beavering away in the background to improve the sound from their Iconic LP12 turntable. The latest improvement comes in the form of a new cartridge: the Kandid. Linn Say: “This is the best sounding cartridge we’ve ever made… One of the key performance improvements comes as a […]