Featured Product of the Week: Anthem MRX 720 Surround Amp

Anthem MRX-720 side

The Anthem AV Receivers have been favourites of ours for some time, and this is principally due to their audio excellence. The Anthem MRX 720, is their middle tier product in the MRX series, and is the work horse of our Home Cinema Showroom. The unit is capable of directly driving 7 speakers, and of […]

Basement Cinema Room

Basement Cinema View 2

We were asked to install a simple but great sounding system, to create a basement cinema room that would play satellite TV, streamed TV, Blu-Rays and music. The system we came up with used the new DALI Rubicon speakers, for a great sound in this large room. Amplification was provided by a combination of an Anthem […]

Featured Product of the Week: Anthem MRX300 with PVA5 Power amp

If you take a mid-end AV receiver, and don’t use the in-built power amplifier, it may seem like you’re wasting part of your money, however in adding the PVA-5 Power amplifier to the Anthem MRX300, what you get seems to be much more than the sum of the parts! Unloading the power supply on the […]