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HiFi Separates

To get the very best quality in each stage of a HiFi system, it is generally acknowleged that each component has to be self contained or separate from the others. This has led to the HiFi Separates system being commonplace in the home.

We choose from the best manufacturers for each stage, and are able to put together exceptional HiFi systems. Visit our Showroom for a demonstration, or call us on 01189820402 to discuss your requirements

There are priced up some sample systems which can be seen on our Example Music System Pricing page. These are chosen from systems we have put together and know work well, many of which you can hear in our showroom.

HiFi Separates Specialist Brands

anthem-logofor Amplifiers and AV Receivers

Dali logo-black for one-box systems and loudspeakers

Focal logo black for Loudspeakers

Linn Music Systemsfor compact systems, Streaming players, Turntables, Amplifiers and Speakers

Naim Audio Logo for One-Box, Compact Systems, Streaming Players and Amplifiers

T+A logo_bfor disk players and amplifiers

We also have access to a wide range of other brands including Arcam, Bluesound, Denon, Kef, Marantz, Meridian, Panasonic, Pioneer, Project, Samsung, Sonos, Yamaha etc.

 HiFi Music Systems & Home Automation

We are also able to integrate your HiFi Audio Systems into a home automation system. at the touch of a button on your iPad, you are able to control the lights, heating, CCTV, TV and HiFi – See our Home Automation page for further details.

On-Demand Streaming Services

There are several streaming services you can subscribe to, giving you access to thousands of albums or individual tracks that you don’t already own as a file or CD.  Tidal and Qobuz offer you a minimum of CD quality (16 bit 44.1Khz lossless compression) and also 24bit studio master quality.  simply search for your favourite music and play on any of our Linn or Naim streaming systems.  For a limit time you can have a free trial of Qobuz by clicking here: