Linn LP12 Trade in, Trade Up Promotion

Timeless design. Upgradable architecture. Precision engineered and refined over the last four decades, the Sondek LP12 is the benchmark against which any serious turntable is judged. And with its modular, upgradable arcitecture, the LP12 is an investment which will reward for decades to come. This season is the perfect time to bring rich, vibrant sound […]

Featured Product of the week: Sony VPL-VW550ES


The Sony VPL-VW550ES is sony’s latest full 4K projector coming soon to our Showroom. It offers full 4K and HDR compatibility and has to be one of the best value/performance for money projectors that we’ve ever seen: Download the sony VPL-VW550ES datasheet here Cinematic 4K clarity with four times the detail of Full HD SXRD […]

Magnetic levitation turntable

mag_lev-audio turntable

Every now and then something comes along that catches the eye, and piques interest. In this case it’s a new startup developing a turntable using magnetic levitation as the main platter suport and bearing. Clearly this would dramatically improve the noise generated by the bearing, however with engineering brain in gear, I imagine it creates […]

Product of the Week: The DALI Katch

DALI Katch in the Office

You’d have thought that it wouldn’t be possible to get high quality audio out of something the size of a small old-school transistor radio, however the DALI Katch shows that anything is possible! This small portable battery powered Bluetooth Player/Speaker is something else. DALI claim that it sets new standards in portable sound, and they’re […]

The Home Network – Supporting your HiFi

The Expression “don’t spoil the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar” often comes to mind when thinking about home networks. It is easy when buying a broadband service to simply accept their included broadband router and say “thank you very much”. You plug your computer and NAS drive into it, connect up your prized digital […]

Product of the week: PulseEight Neo Video Matrix

PulseEight Neo Pro 4x4 Matrix

A Video Matrix switch isn’t the sort of thing to get excited about. It’s usually one of those black boxes that get’s installed in a communications cupboard, and gives you access to a sky box or Blu-Ray player on your TV’s around the house. Most Matrix switches these days offer distribution of HD Video over […]

Product of the week: DALI Connect speaker cables

Recently we were introduced to a new range of speaker cables from DALI the Danish speaker manufacturer. Dubbed Connect, these new cables are available in three flavours, all featuring 74 strands of Oxygen Free Copper conductors: SC RM230C – OFC conductors Bi-Wound, Polyethylene insulator.         SC RM230S – Silver plated OFC conductors, […]

UHD or 4K – What’s it all about?


UHD TV screens in the high street are advertised as UHD – The development of Ultra High Definition screens is the latest in the continual push of technology to be better, faster, higher resolution etc. etc. However, scratch the surface a bit, and you find that, at least at the moment, all that glitters is […]

UHD or 4K Home Cinema – What’s it all about?

Sony VPL-VW1100ES projector

The advent of Ultra High Definition screens for sale  is the latest in the continual push of technology to be better, faster, higher resolution etc. etc. However scratch the surface a bit, and you find that all that glitters is not gold, and that the latest in the round of format wars has a new […]

New Linn Krystal Moving Coil Cartridge

Linn Krystal Cartridge

The wait is over. After two years in the making, we are delighted to announce the launch of Krystal, Linn’s latest moving coil cartridge. Capturing even more detail from the record groove that its predecessor, Klyde, the Linn Krystal has been inspired by the design principles of Linn’s flagship Kandid cartridge. Upgrade your cartridge to […]

MunroSonic Egg 150 – Featured product of the week

Egg150 Studio Monitor speakers

The MunroSonic Egg 150 are designed as near-field speakers for studio monitors. In practice they are a superb sounding, uncluttered active speaker system, that look and sound great in a variety of situations. We’ve had these speakers in our showroom for a couple of weeks now, and are delighted with the sound. They are remarkably […]

Melco Music Server – Featured product of the week

Melco N1A Music Server

Every now and then a new product comes along that shakes up your understanding of things. The Melco N1 Music Servers are just such products.   The NAS drive installed in a high-end digital streaming music system is firmly in the computer domain, however it turns out that the way it operates has an impact […]

November Newsletter

November News 15

November Newsletter Festive Music and Movies Event Come for an evening of Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and superb Music and Movie Clips. We will be playing music from Vinyl and Digital Streaming in Studio Master Resolution as part of our celebrations for the festive season. If you have some suitable music you’d like to hear […]

Linn 24 Bits of Christmas promotion 2015

Get in the Christmas mood with free Studio Master downloads – the highest quality available anywhere. Each week in December, Linn is giving away a different collection of stunning, hand-picked Studio Master tracks from Linn Records’ diverse and talented roster of artists. Each collection has its own theme and offers the perfect introduction to high […]