Selekt DSM – New from Linn

Linn Selekt DSM
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Linn have added the new Selekt DSM to their stable of streaming players. Sitting above the Magik DSM and below the Akurate DSM, this player goes back to the small format footprint, and adds a quality feel with the construction materials and controls.

There are a couple of tricks up the Selekt DSM sleeve which are not immediately apparent:

  • The volume control knob on the top also acts as a cursor control subtly tilting to and fro meaning you can select your music without needing the App.
  • 6 “pinnable” buttons across the front can be simply programmed to select and input, track, playlist or radio station etc. – simple and quick
  • pluggable “cartridges” allow the unit to be upgraded (line-out to integrated Amp, and regular DAC to Katalyst DAC

Linn Selekt DSM front

This is aimed squarely at a similar market to Naim’s Uniti Nova, with the demo from Linn actually including an A/B with the Nova – Do we think it sounds better than the Nova? – Well, you’ll have to come and have a listen to see for yourself.  Suffice it to say, this is a great sounding and versatile player that can grow with you.  Check out our Linn Selekt DSM page for the specs and Linn’s words on the player.

Selekt DSM top-frontThe photographs do not do the unit justice – the Selekt DSM exudes quality; from the crystal glass volume knob, to the precision machined case, and the six lovely 2-position buttons across the front. Half press to see what the button does, and press all the way to make it happen. These buttons make accessing favourite radio stations, inputs or playlists a breeze.Selekt DSM at show 1Selekt DSM at show 2Selekt DSM at show 3