Featured Product of the week: MiniPod Mk IV

New Gen Minipod on deskThe MiniPod Loudspeaker is one of those iconic designs that has stayed around – the original concept of form follows function is still as relevent today as it was at the birth of the MiniPod in 1995. After all the laws of acoustics are still the same, only our materials technology and design ability have changed. With this in mind, the newest owners of the Scandyna and the Podspeakers brand EET, have re-worked the MiniPod using an all-new enclosure material, new drive units and a new crossover design. Essentially an all-new speaker in the same shape. The colours of the new version Podspeakers (Mk IV in the case of the MiniPod) are somewhat muted – gone is the garish yellow bass driver cone, and gone are the shiny plastic cases. The new versions are sleek with silk finishes and all-black drive units. The sound is significantly improved, with a great sense of space and authority. Make no mistake, these are no gimmicky shaped speakers, but a proper audiophile loudspeaker.

We’ve had these on in our demonstration room for about a week now, and are quite delighted with the sound – it’s up there with the best at this price range, and is a delight to the ears and eyes.

The Mk IV Minipod is currently available in smooth silky black, white, and red finishes. The Stealth Speaker black version is our favourite, however they’ll grace the most modern of homes with a range of accessories in aluminium, and wood to bring colour and warmth.

The speakers are purchased individually at £299 each (£598/pair), and are available from our webstore.

New Gen Minipod Black3 New Gen Minipod red3 New Gen Minipod White

Accessories include spikes (slot-in long feet), and the trim ring which are available in soft silver, Soft gold, dark metal, and light and Dark Oak finishes.

The new versions also apply to the MiniPod Bluetooth, which can operate as a single speaker, a single speaker with driving a passive partner via a speaker cable, or as a pair of active speakers connected via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth speaker is available from our Webstore at £469 each.