Naim ND555 Streaming player

ND555We had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Naim’s new ND555 reference Streaming player as an upgrade to the NDS streamer in our showroom. Naim were on hand a couple of weeks ago to demonstrate their improvements over the NDS to us and to attendees of the ND555 Launch event. Since then, we’ve had a chance to let it bed in and to get our ears around it.

Pluggin it into our NAPS555 to bring it to life, we added the 3.5mm jack cable to allow the streamer to control the NAP552 Preamp too. This turned out to be much simpler than we had envisaged, so that was good.

Right out of the box, it was clear that the chaps at Naim had waved their magic wand, and created something special. An improvement in a sense of space and timing gave tracks like Aaron Neville’s Everybody plays the fool an instant engagement, bringing the musicians right into the room.

Naim ND555 & NAPS555We’ve been living with the streamer for a few weeks now, and going back to the NDS makes the Naim ND555’s predecessor feel a little tired. This is a marvellous piece of engineering, with a large clear display. It feels like the display should be touch-screen, but then why would you want this, when there are marvellous tablets around, and you can drive it from the comfort of your chair rather than poking about on the front of your rack?

There are additional digital inputs to allow you to make full use of the marvellous DAC in the Naim ND555, and you can choose between Naim’s DIN output or traditional Phono outputs to connect to the rest of your system.

Don’t just take our word for it that this is a superb player – come and have a listen for yourself


For the full description and specs, see the Naim web site