Technics SL-1000R and Linn Klimax LP12 comparison

Technics SL-1000R and Linn LP12 side by sideWe are in the fortunate position to have both a Linn Klimax LP12 and a Technics SL-1000R in our showroom, so we thought we’d have a bit of a shootout between them, as they’re theoretically in the same league.

The Linn Klimax LP12 has been a fixture in our showroom for some years, however the Technics SL-1000R is a new acquisition, following an impressive demonstration to us earlier in the year.

The Technics SL-1000R comes in a most impressive box (you can see our unpacking video here) however it still requires a headshell and cartridge, tone arm cable and phono stage to create a working system. In this case, after a little advice we chose the Ortofon LH-6000 headshell with the DSC1100sCadenza Blue Moving Coil cartridge mounted in it. The initial tone-arm cable that would fit was an old Linn one from about 20 years ago, however this was swiftly changed for a Pro-Ject Connect-IT 5P-CC while we wait for the pure silver version to arrive.

The Phono stage we opted for here was the Lehmann Decade phono stage – this offers great flexibility to match with a wide range of cartridges. We’ve used the Black cube before, with superb results, so were wanting something with the same pedigree, but a bit better.

First impressions – wow, huge sense of scale and soundstage, easily up there with the trusty LP12 – this would take some listening to.DSC1104s

A few records later, and we’re seriously liking the SL-1000R. Fabulous dynamics, great balance and it has us reaching for record after record, which is always a good sign.

Technics SL-1000R and Linn LP12 side by sideThe technics SL-1000R starts and stops in something under a second, which is unsurprising considering the DJ pedigree. However it is wonderfuly satisfying.

Swapping over to the LP12, and you can hear there is a subtle difference. No less in the way of dynamics or soundstage, but a slightly softer sound.

Both turntables offer superb performances with everything you’d expect for this level of turntable. I think we’ll have to listen to some more records  to plum for a favourite – see you in a few days… or weeks!

DSC1108sDSC1107sIf you’ve £18,000 + to spend on a turntable, here are two of the worlds best to choose between. Both doing something very special to any vinyl you care to place on them.

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