Featured Product of the week: DALI Rubicon LCR on-wall loudspeaker

RUBICON-LCR-EISA-AwardWe first heard these on-wall speakers at the DALI Launch in London, and could hardly believe our ears! – a pair of on-wall loudspeakers that sound like a good pair of floor-standing speakers. We had to get some and try them in our showroom, and were not dissappointed. -Initially we used them as on-wall rear channel speakers, with the ability to swap the room around and listen to them as main speakers too.

With a major upgrade to our main cinema system, we thought that the Rubicon LCR speakers behind the screen would be the perfect accompanyment to our 4k projector and sources.

We now have 3 Rubicon LCR speakers across the front of the room, and two more at the back giving us 5.1 channels with the DALI Sub M10-D as an accompanyment.

We got a bit carried away with our application of pyrosorb acoustic absorber around the front speakers, so their bass response is not quite as good as the speakers on a plain wall on their own, however the Sub M10-D effortlessly covers for this.

rear channel Rubicon LCR
Back of the HiFi Cinemna Showroom, showing DALI Rubicon LCR speakers on the wall, Sony VPL-VW550ES 4K projector and Naim Fraim HiFi racks

New Screen7



Main showroom screen (left); 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen gives plenty of space behind for 3 Rubicon LCR on-wall speakers. For this size of room (~1800 cu.ft) these are more than adequate, and this demonstrates the improvement in audio that using high quality speakers can give to a cinema system.

We are firm believers in keeping things in balance – improving the picture through the use of a high quality 4K source and projector, is left a little lacking if the sound system does not reflect this quality.  George Lucas realised this, which is why THX came into being as a set of minimum quality standards that would allow the replay of the sound track of a film with sufficient impact.

The loudspeakers have one of the greatest impacts on sound quality of any of the chain of devices that go to make up your cinema system. The DALI Opticon LCR speakers give us a quality that vastly exceeds the THX requirements for this room, and the result is worth experiencing.

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