Cinemascope Home Cinema Showroom update

We have been hard at work updating our showroom over recent weeks. This has been with two HiFi Cinema showroom objectives in mind:

  • Show off full CinemaScope films
  • Update the look for a more contemporary feel with added WoW!

With a standard 16:9 widescreen TV format screen, you get a suitably impressive picture and room-filling image with TV or 16:9 video, however the average movie on DVD or Blu-Ray will be slightly dissappointing when shown on this screen, as the width is the same,but the cinemascope format means that there’ll be black bars top and bottom of the movie. Our CinemaScope format screen, and 4K projector however, mean that when the movie is started, at the touch of a button the movie expands to the full height of the screen, and goes wall to wall for eye-popping impressiveness! This is something that we think really makes the difference between a large format TV system and a full-on Home Cinema Installation!

To add the WoW factor to our showroom, we’ve changed the ceiling to a star ceiling. This covers the ceiling with a series of black panels with fibre-optic “stars”. When the lights are low, this has an impressive night sky feel, and really creates a special atmosphere for your favourite movies. It adds a whole other dimension to films such as Star Trek, Gravity or Interstellar!  On top of this we’ve added an LED wall-wash for subtle mood-enhancing lighting, and updated the light fittings for something a bit more modern.

HiFi Cinema Showroom Old screen





Left- the Original HiFi Cinema Showroom screen showing 16:9 aspect ratio with in-wall and/or floor-standing speakers to the sides. This sounded great, however as technology has moved on we can now produce a much bigger and higher resolution image in a widescreen format.







The New Screen Format of 2.35:1 shows 16:9 format video with an image slightly larger than before, however when a movie is played, we can zoom out so the image shows full-size and fills the front of the cinema room, for a full Cinemascope Home Cinema.









Regular 16:9 format (left) compared with CinemaScope 2.35:1 (right) giving almost 50% more picture area


HiFi Cinema Showroom New Screen 16:9HiFi Cinema Showroom New Screen 2.40:1











The Speakers are DALI S-180 in-walls for the main Front Left, Centre and Right, and DALI Rubicon LCR on wall rear channels. The in-ceiling speakers for Height channels are Atlantic Technology IC-6 OBA  in-ceiling speakers. These are designed specifically for Object oriented sound, and perfect for our showroom which has a volume of ~1800 cubic feet.

The speakers are powered by an Anthem MRX-720 AV receiver coupled to an Anthem PVA-4 power amplifer, the front Left and Right channels can be driven by our main Naim or Linn HiFi, allowing great flexibility for demonstration, and integration of a high quality stereo system with a home cinema installation. We are using a Revell B112 Sub-woofer for discreet but powerful bass and Low frequency Effects, and the award-winning Anthem Room Correction (ARC) system does a very good job of bringing it all together.

We have two 4K sources available: the Sony UBP-X1000ES 4K Blu-Ray player, and the Kaleidescape Strato 4K player  for full un-compressed UHD content. The Sony VPL-VW760ES laser projector does a stunning job of converting the lovely 4K content to a picture onto the Grandview acoustically Transparent Screen.

HiFi Cinema Showroom New Screen & star ceiling

HiFi Cinema Showroom lighting


Good lighting is something that provides a superb finishing touch to any room. We’ve put a bit of effort in here with a combination of fibre-optic star ceiling, RGBW LED wall-wash, with dimmable wall sconses and down-lights over the equipment racks at the rear of the room. This combination driven by a Lutron lighting controller, means that we’re able to select scenes at the touch of a button from our remote control featuring everything from a full black-out to controlled illumination for the equipment without spreading too much light onto the screen.

We’ve separated the front and back of the room, so we’re able to have ambient light at the rear to operate the equipment and have discussions with customers whilst still being able to clearly watch the action on the screen.

Security features such as alarm movement sensors and a smoke detector, are an annoyoing necessity, however these have been pulled apart and sprayed black so they don’t stand out too grotesquely.

We’re delighted with the result, and heartly recommend a visit so you can see it for yourself.


Inevitably the HiFi Cinema Showroom has a number of functions to fulfill that would not neccesarily be part of a home cinema installation. we like to think that our showroom is as close as possible to a home cinema installation whilst still allowing us the flexibility to show off different system strategies.

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