Featured Product of the week: T+A PDP3000HV SACD Player

Front view of T+A PDP3000HV SACD player

Front view of T+A PDP3000HV SACD playerSome manufacturers come to our attention because of our search for better and better sounding equipment, and T+A is one of these.

We were looking for a high end CD player, and were drawn to the T+A  PDP3000HV, which is now sitting in pride of place in our showroom.

This machine is superbly engineered: just looking at the case and finish, you can tell that it is a quality piece of kit. We fired it up, plugging the single ended output into our Naim NAC552 as our reference system For comparison, we also had a Linn Klimax DS Katalyst plugged in too.

From cold, this CD player had our eyes popping out on stalks, with a truly analogue sounding playback. We had to do a double check that we were actually listening to a CD spinning, and confirmed this by playing the same track (Dave Brubeck Quartet: Take 5) on the Linn DS. The Linn DS marginally had the edge, with a better soundscape and sense of space and detail but we were VERY surprised at how close it was.

It was then we noticed the USB input on the back, and decided to drive it directly from the Melco N1Z Music Server, which is designed to be able to directly drive USB DACs. This was a complete revelation, surpassing the Klimax DS with ease. An improved sense of scale and space together with phenominal delicacy and analogue warmth had us overwhelmed. – This has to be our Go-To player now, with Multi-format Disk playback, Extensive DAC inputs AND USB playback to form a phenominal streaming playback solution.

Back panel view of T+A PDP3000HV SACD Player


A wide choice of inputs and outputs are available on the back of the player, together with two completely separate mains power supply inputs for the Analogue and Digital stages.

The basic unit will set you back £13,700

Chunky T+A PDP3000 mechanism


With the CD Tray extended, you can see the attention to detail that has gone into the engineering – This is a seriously chunky tray, and seems to be part of the case it is so secure.

NB  Don’t drop the remote control on your toe – this too is a chunky bit of kit and will probably do serious damage to your pinkies!