Spring-Cleaning your HiFi or Home Cinema

rear channel Rubicon LCR

Time to think about Spring-Cleaning your HiFi or Home Cinema – here are some tips…

The chances are that your HiFi has been sitting still for some time – here are some tips for rejuvinating the sound without necessarily upgrading to the latest £19k streaming player.

Lose the Dust

Simply pulling your HiFi System to pieces, wiping off the dust, vacuuming around where is sits and putting it back together can make a difference – it looks nicer, and your HiFi will love you for it. Dust can block ventillation so parts overheat, and can get caught in connectors and optical disk readers causing poor performance or even stopping it working.

Exercise the Connectors

It is worth exercising all of the connectors in your system every now and then – Turn the system off, then pull the plugs out and push them back in  again a few times – if there is any muck or corrosion on the connectors, this will help to brush it off and seat the connector halves together for a better connection. This applies to mains plugs as well as interconnects and speaker cables – do this when cleaning (see above).

Update the lowest performing part

Have a critical look at your whole system, thinking about the way you use it most – which item do you think is the lowest performing part (speakers, interconnects, amplifier etc.) – we have a wealth of experience to help here – just give us a call – 0118 982 0402.

Review the Mains

If your system uses analogue power supplies – think about updating the mains wiring to your HiFi (read our article on HiFi mains supplies here). Both the wiring from the main consumer unit to your sockets, and the mains lead from the socket to your equipment can compromise the sound quality. Generally speaking,  Mains Extension Sockets are best avoided in relation to HiFi, as they can have a particularly detrimental impact on Power Amps.

Renew the Old Kit

If anything is over 10 years old – think about getting it serviced or replacing it – some electronic components slowly deteriorate over time, so the chances are that older kit is not performing as it used to. Your ears will not necessarily tell you that the equipment isn’t at it’s best as your expectations will match the slowly deteriorating sound, but you may find yourself just losing interest in listening to music. The drop in performance will only really become apparent when you listen to some new equipment in comparison.

Update the Firmware

Take a look at anything that decodes digital audio (streaming players, Blu-Ray players, Amplifiers, TVs etc.) – does it have the latest firmware in it? – this could be limiting your system from getting the best out of your digital music, or video. Many of the items in your HiFi or Home Cinema use firmware enabled decoders, and a simple update can get you additional functionality, and better performance with little or no outlay. For example, Anthem have just announced a DTS-X firmware upgrade for the MRX-x20 series of AV receivers. – 10 minutes with a USB stick will add DTS-X decode to these receivers. Again, we can help if you need us.