Making a Statement

Here at HiFi Cinema, we’ve recently returned from a splendid installation, where we installed a Naim Statement system together with Focal Maestro Utopia speakers.  This is one of those systems which surpasses expectations, even when those expectations are very high indeed!

The source is primarily from a Linn Next Generation Klimax DSM with their new Organik DAC being fed via optical link from a Melco Server. A Klimax level LP12 turntable will also be added once we’ve upgraded it. Mains Power is via a Main Balancing Transformer reducing the noise floor as much as possible, and the results speak for themselves with the most superb soundstage and imaging, with clean effortless reproduction.

The Maestro Utopia speakers sound sublime out of the box, and we have great expectations of them bedding in over time to sound even better. These are big speakers, and in their boxes are a shade under 200Kg each. Fortunately, we had support from Naim and Focal to physically manipulate them into place – even though the speakers come with castors and funky little ramps so once the crate is turned on its end, the speakers are simply wheeled out. It took 4 of us just to remove each of the cases once the speakers were trundled into place..!

The Statement Amps have their own challenge at 101Kg for each NAP S1 power amplifier. The flight cases they come in have wheels though, which made the bulk move simple. Each Naim Statement component is stood on end, and the flight case unlatched from around it. Then it’s a matter of manipulating it into position. The location prepared for the Naim Statement system was underneath a marble countertop, which made shuffling them into place a little tricky – Fortunately Jason from Naim is a master at this, and soon had them up and running.  He was most put out though, that Naim’s beautifully crafted Statement System was not going to be on full display, however it snuggled under the counter ready to unleash its might.

Focal Maestro Utopia speakers in pride of place either side of the fireplace.

Naim Statement Installation

Naim Statement System
The Naim Statement gets its own space underneath a marble counter top



Focal Utopia Mastro
The Focal Utopia Mastro showing the old guy how its done these days