Basement Cinema in home extension

This Cinema Room was designed to go into a Basement that was dug as part of a house extension. When we first went there it was just a hole in the ground, however with a bit of careful planning our customer has turned it into a superbly comfortable and enjoyable cinema space.

Two rows of seats, provide comfortable viewing, and a bar at the back of the room creates space for the equipment and additional character to the room.

The image is provided by a Sony VPL-VW550ES projector with an 11′ wide Acoustic Cinemascope screen. front and surround speakers are all DALI Opticon LCR on-wall speakers, with Atlantic Technology IC6-OBA providing overhead 3D audio in-ceiling. The Grunt at the bottom end is amply provided by a  pair of DALI Sub K-14F subwoofers.


Model 1


Some careful modelling was the start point for this project, however the space at the back of the room was better utilised by going fully to floor level, and installing a bar at the back.

The space has proved very popular in the family, with sources from Sky and 4K Blu-Ray as the primary viewing, however with the capability to add in connections from a local Laptop, Game console, Media Player etc. – up to a total of 7 sources.

Amplification from Anthem provides Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 audio, and matching speakers all-round means there is a particularly even 3D soundstage.


We were excited by the results of this project, and very pleased at how delighted our customer is.

JG Cinema 1a