Extension room Cinema in 7.2.4

Home Cinema Room

We love it when we get the opportunity to plan a new cinema room before any major decisions are made on the layout / wiring etc.  It means we don’t have to compromise on any aspect of the design.  Its never too early to call us !

This gorgeous room was big enough to comfortably seat 7 in individual cinema seats, but small enough to stay cosy and inviting.  With an 11′ wide cinemascope (2.35:1) acoustically transparent screen, Sony 3 x SXRD panel projector in 4K HDR, and an Anthem/Dali Atmos 7.2.4 sound system, the result is spectacular.

All the equipment, from Network switches to Blu-Ray Players, SKY-Q and Apple TV, is housed in the black glass clad cabinet from Spectral, flanked by the two 14″ subwoofers from Dali.

Illuminated by Rako controllers and one of our Infinity star ceilings to set the mood.  Quite a tricky one to take a photo of, as everything was pitch black including the walls, carpets and fittings !   This does lend itself to extremely good black levels on the picture though, as there’s very little reflected light from the room falling on the screen !