Featured Product of the week Linn LP12 Karousel bearing


Karousel, Linn’s new precision-engineered single-point bearing, offers smoother rotation and greater stability for even better sound from your Sondek LP12.

This innovative new take on Linn’s original bearing design has been made possible by technological developments in material science, machining capabilities and mechanical engineering expertise gained from almost half a century of designing and manufacturing the world’s best turntable.

That vital union between the platter, spindle, bearing and sub-chassis is now the strongest we’ve ever achieved. The substantial lock-nut fastening on the stainless steel housing increases rigidity at the critical point where bearing and sub-chassis come together.

Enhancements to the base of the bearing include a stronger housing for the thrust pad, and combined with a smaller, stiffer form improves the critical area that supports the platter rotation and mass, meaning your vinyl reproduction is more accurate and detailed than ever before.

We’ve now taken delivery of our first Karousel bearings and have to admit are delighted with the results: Greater soundstage, tighter bass, and an altogether more revealing experience…


Karousel Bearing installation procedure:

TLP12 with baseplate removed readyhe LP12 has to be dismantled to remove the old bearing. First remove outer and inner platters and empty the oil in the old beaing so it doesn’t go everywhere.

The turntable can then be turned upside down and the baseplate removed to get at the insides.




The (in this case Lingo 4) power supply and wiring strap are removed, together with the old suspension rubbers and springs (new ones come with the Karousel bearing kit).



The sub-chassis can then carefully be removed, to allow the bearing to be removed and replaced by the Karousel one.









The newKarousel bearing installed in Sub-chassis Karousel bearing is installed into the sub-chassis ready for re-assembly. This is a very neatly machined part and is a precise fit into the sub-chassis.










Karousel and sub-chassis installed

The Karousel and Sub-Chassis are re-installed into the LP12 with new Springs and Rubbers.






Karousel bearing hidden beneath the Power Supply







The Wiring strap and power supply can then be re-fitted together with power wires, grounding strap and Tone-arm cable. – In the photo here before anyone mentions it, the grounding wires, tone arm and arm cable are yet to be fitted.







WKarousel bearing poking through the top platehen the right way up, the Karousel bearing can be seen poking through the top plate – there isn’t as much clearance as the previous bearings, however it is enough not to catch (unless the springs and rubbers are grossly mis-aligned).

The bearing can then be charged with oil and the inner platter fitted. The new bearing uses far less oil than the older ones – clearly everything is a more precise fit.

One thing to note – the old bearing caps do not fit, so a new form of bearing cap is needed for transport – I daresay that Linn are on the case on this already.

Once the Platters are fitted, and the suspension adjusted to bring the sub-chassis/arm board level, the Tone arm can be adjusted for correct VTA, and the suspension springs tuned ready for playback.


Read the review from our customer having received this upgraded LP12:

“Just to say many thanks for the upgrade.

The first shock on firing it up was the difference between my good recent vinyl and that of some of my older, less well recorded items. The thinner recordings, especially from the seventies contrast so much more, after this upgrade with the fuller dynamic range of more recent recordings….”

“The ‘chasing the dragon’ albums were brilliantly sounding before this upgrade, but are now gobsmackingly immersive and enjoyable, especially Vivaldi in Venice.”