How to Pack your Linn LP12 for Transit

When transporting your LP12 for example bringing it to us for a Service, it is important to protect the bearings of both the Arm and the platter. If you have the original packaging, then this offers the best protection, and here’s a quick run-through on how to pack it.

If you don’t have the original packaging, then either we can get a new set for you, or with care there are some simple precautions you can take to bring it in without the packaging.

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LP12Packing1First, remove the felt mat, outer Platter and drive belt. These should be placed in the bottom insert of the LP12 packaging:












LP12Packing4Next, remove the inner platter and fit the dust cover over the central bearing to prevent the oil going everywhere and dust getting into the bearing.

If you have the inner platter spindle cap, this goes onto the spindle to protect the bearing end. The inner platter fits into the upper section of the LP12 packaging as shown below.



There should be a polystyrene sheet to go over the inner platter, so that when the lid is fitted, the inner platter cannot damage it.  Note – the bearing oil dissolves polystyrene – so don’t get any on the inserts !






The Arm should be secured to the rest with a pipe cleaner or similar, and the counterbalance weight taken off. The body of the turntable can theLP12Packing8n be placed onto the bottom insert in the packaging.







The lid hinges and counterbalance weight fit into recesses in the top packaging piece and  are held in place by a cardboard sheet before the lid is put on top in its sleeve.




LP12Packing11The top piece with lid installed can be placed carefully over the LP12 body, ensuring that the recess for the tone arm fits over the tone arm (not the other way around as it won’t fit).





The Power and interconnect cables run up the outside of the top piece and fold over so can come out of the packaging with the lid closed.



Where there is no packaging available – minimum precautions

  • remove the outer platter and drive belt
  • If you have a bearing cap, remove the inner platter and fit the bearing cap, alternatively carefully lift up the inner platter and support it with two pieces of equal thickness foam to protect the bearing.
  • use a pipe cleaner or similar to tie the arm to the armrest
  • remove the counterbalance weight
  • If the inner platter is removed, protect the spindle with a piece of clean dry cloth, and put something to cushion the top of the arm bearing against the lid.

Of course you might want to wrap your precious turntable in bubble wrap and put it in a box too, however we frequently receive turntables which have had the above precautions taken, and  are simply placed on a back seat of a car and brought in by hand with no problems.



Transport the counterbalance weight, outer platter and felt mat separately so they don’t crash into the main body.