Featured Product of the week: Linn Kandid cartridge

Kandid_EkosSEClose_72dpiWe featured this as product of the week early last year, before we had even heard one. However now we have had a chance to listen to one installed on a top-end LP12, and we are quite frankly amazed at the job Linn have done.

Linn Say: “This is the best sounding cartridge we’ve ever made… One of the key performance improvements comes as a result of removing the cartridge housing – probably also the most striking aesthetic difference we’ve made to Kandid.  Stripping back the housing to expose the motor assembly has resulted in an even purer, cleaner sound than ever before”.

They’re not kidding! The sound is incredibly detailed and rich, with detail in the music being revealed that we’d not heard clearly before.

More accurate audio reproduction is achieved thanks to the repositioning of the stylus and cantilever within the body of the cartridge. The angle of the magnets and coil in the front pole piece has been off-set so that they are parallel when the record is playing which ensures perfect alignment for accurate movement on the record”.


Kandid side view with stylus guard

We’re really excited by this new addition to the LP12 stable, and are looking forward to getting one into our showroom in due course (it’s been on order for 9 months already!). The only trouble is, in the short term, that these cartridges are slow to come off the production line, so we’re having to wait our turn. Customers of course get priority, so can leapfrog the queue of dealers. If you are interested in upgrading your cartridge, get your order in and we’ll book your place into the production line.

Linn Kandid Moving coil cartridge £2,960 

Price from us includes full LP12 service and fitting.