MunroSonic Egg 150 – Featured product of the week

Egg150 Studio Monitor speakers

The MunroSonic Egg 150 are designed as near-field speakers for studio monitors. In practice they are a superb sounding, uncluttered active speaker system, that look and sound great in a variety of situations. We’ve had these speakers in our showroom for a couple of weeks now, and are delighted with the sound. They are remarkably […]

Naim NAP-250: Featured product of the week

Naim NAP-250

The Naim NAP-250 is in our opinion an underestimated amplifier – reading the specs it doesn’t set the world on fire, however the specifications seldom reveal the true nature of an amplifier. This black brick of an amp is highly capable, and drives speakers with tremendous accuracy and authority for it’s price. You might think […]

Featured Product of the Week: Anthem MRX300 with PVA5 Power amp

If you take a mid-end AV receiver, and don’t use the in-built power amplifier, it may seem like you’re wasting part of your money, however in adding the PVA-5 Power amplifier to the Anthem MRX300, what you get seems to be much more than the sum of the parts! Unloading the power supply on the […]