SmallPod Air: Featured product of the week


SmallPod on Desk


Want a convenient powered speaker system that works well with Music, but you can plug your TV into it too? – Well, the SmallPod Air, could be the thing for you.

Smallpods redThese designer speakers from the iconic Podspeakers range, feature a WiFi Airplay interface, to allow you to Airplay your iPhone or computer iTunes music straight to the speakers. This, coupled with the in-built 2 x 40w power amplifier, means you have a flexible and superbly musical sound system. The Aux input on the back of the speakers, allows you can plug your TV* into them for higher quality TV audio too.

Available in Black White or Red, these are sure to make a statement in any designer home.

For non-Apple customers the SmallPod Bluetooth is the same thing, but with a Bluetooth interface instead of the WiFi / Airplay one.


Priced at £399, these offer great value for money, great sound and great looks.

For more information and to purchase some, visit our webstore.