Music and Cars through the Decades – Follow Up !

Wow, what a spectacular success this was !  Both the 6.00pm and 8.00pm presentations were full of enthusiastic followers of Music and Gorgeous Cars. There was a real buzz about the place even from when we started to set up the Naim / Focal system in the superb new Bentley showroom in Pangbourne.  All the […]

Festive Music and Movies Event 17th December 2015

Festive Music and Movies Event

Come for an evening of Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and superb Music and Movie Clips. We will be playing music from Vinyl and Digital Streaming in Studio Master Resolution as part of our celebrations for the festive season. If you have some suitable music you’d like to hear on our system, bring it along! The […]

Focal Sopra No2: Product of the week

Focal Sopra No2

These Focal Sopra No2 loudsepakers, new to our showroom, are in a word spectacular. They are quite hefty, and certainly make a statement in your room. Acoustically however, they just fade away: Your music is presented with a transparency that is quite breathtaking. They are large enough to present a full audio spectrum that appears […]

Focal Sopra Launch day Tuesday 10th November from 6pm

Focal Sopra N2

New in are the Focal Sopra No2 Loudspeakers. This exciting new range draws from 20 years of engineering heritage from the flagship Utopia range, with innovative new technologies in a stylish and compact design. Priced at £9599.00, these loudspeakers bring the Utopia sound to a more affordable range. To celebrate these outstanding speakers, we are running […]

Linn Lounge Presents… The Eagles – Now On 14th August 2013

Join us for Linn Lounge presents the Eagles at HiFi Cinema on Wednesday 14th August at 6.30pm, where we’ll be listening to their legendary music in the highest quality available – on a Linn system in Studio Master. Hear each song exactly as it was recorded, revealing hidden delights in your favourite Eagles tracks and […]