Featured Product of the Week: Anthem MRX300 with PVA5 Power amp

Anthem MRX300Anthem PVA5

If you take a mid-end AV receiver, and don’t use the in-built power amplifier, it may seem like you’re wasting part of your money, however in adding the PVA-5 Power amplifier to the Anthem MRX300, what you get seems to be much more than the sum of the parts!

Unloading the power supply on the processor means that there is far less noise present, and increasing the power output with a completely separate Power amplifier and power supply, gives far more headroom for the signal. The result had us grinning from ear to ear, as the soundstage and scale was of the order of magnitude that you’d only expect from high end stereo kit.

We were given the nod to this one by Tom from Anthem (the font of all knowledge Anthem and Sim2), and we’re glad we gave it a go! It shows that the processor in the MRX300 is actually very capable, and the combination gave a musical output that had superb timing and pace, with enough capability for the largest of domestic rooms.

  • 3D Enabled Home Theatre AV Receiver
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC)
  • FM Tuner
  • Dolby Tru-HD™, DTS-MA & Dolby Volume™
  • 125 watt power output (PVA-5)
  • 2 Year back to base warranty (3 years on PVA-5)

Anthem MRX300 + Anthem PVA5 Power Amp = £2,698.00