Basement Cinema Room

Basement Cinema View 2

We were asked to install a simple but great sounding system, to create a basement cinema room that would play satellite TV, streamed TV, Blu-Rays and music. The system we came up with used the new DALI Rubicon speakers, for a great sound in this large room. Amplification was provided by a combination of an Anthem AV receiver for surround decoding, and Linn Magik DSM to drive the front speakers. The result is a joy to behold, and perfectly integrates a great music system and a great cinema system into one result.

 Basement Cinema view 1    Basement Cinema View 2

Kit list:

  • Anthem MRX710 AV receiver
  • Linn Majik DSM
  • DALI Rubicon 6 (front speakers)
  • DALI Rubicon LCR (centre speaker)
  • DALI Rubicon 5 (rear speakers)
  • DALI Sub E-12F
  • Humax Satellite recorder
  • Oppo BDP-103EU Blu-Ray player
  • Apple TV
  • Grandview 10′ fixed screen
  • Sony VPL-HW55ES projector
  • Zoneripper Music Server
  • Netgear data switch and WiFi Access Point
  • DemoPad iPad control App