MunroSonic Egg 150 – Featured product of the week

Egg150 Studio Monitor speakers
The MunroSonic Egg 150 are designed as near-field speakers for studio monitors. In practice they are a superb sounding, uncluttered active speaker system, that look and sound great in a variety of situations.

We’ve had these speakers in our showroom for a couple of weeks now, and are delighted with the sound. They are remarkably uncluttered and crisp sounding with plenty of punch where it counts for a fast and responsive sound.

Egg150 in ShowroomShown left is the MunroSonic Egg 150 speaker connected to a Naim NAC N272 streaming pre-amp. A fast and engaging sound, with a very accurate soundstage.

Don’t take our word for it though, come and listen to these for yourselves while we have them on demonstration.

The MunroSonic Egg 150 system is £1999 which includes two speakers 2 x 3m of speaker cable and a fully active 4 x 50w power amplifier.

If you don’t have the space the smaller brother is the MunroSonic Egg 100. These look to be about 1/2 the volume, and clearly don’t have as much bass, however they still offer the remarkably clear playback.


MunroSonic Egg 100   £1299 / system

MunroSonic Egg 150   £1999 / system

Egg150 in our Showroom