Featured Product of the week: Naim Supernait 3 / NDX 2 Combo

Sometimes we come across product combinations that just delight us, and the Latest Naim Supernait3 and NDX2 are just such a combination. The Naim Supernait 3 is a superb sounding analogue integrated amplifier (with Phono stage) , and the NDX2 is Naim’s mid-high tier streaming player. I’ve not mentioned speakers here, and in our demonstration system, we have a pair of Focal Kanta No2 speakers, which give the rest of the equipment plenty of space to excel.

Both the NDX2 streaming player and the Supernait3 integrated amplifier tread that line where they are close to the knee of the quality vs. price curve, offering super value for money. Together they create a compact, simple and high performance system.

Together they keep the analogue side separate from the digital side increasing the quality of the output. Extra analogue sources are connected to the Supernait 3 and extra digital sources are connected to the NDX2, offering plenty of expansion room and flexibility.

The pair retail for £3499 (Supernait3) and £5299 (NDX2).