HiFi Mains Power Supplies – improve your listening experience

Naim Mains lead
Within the HiFi world, much is often made of the IEC mains leads to bring the mains power to your lovely shiny electronics. In fact we sell the Naim Powerline cables (£475) which can make a surprisingly dramatic difference to the capabilities of your Naim equipment. However it is often worth thinking about the delivery of the mains power to your mains socket. Most homes in the UK have a 100A mains fuse on the main supply cable from the local substation into the house. After this comes the main consumer distribution unit with circuit breakers etc, and then the ring main around the house to the sockets. If you are serious about the sound from your HiFi or Home cinema system, it is usually worth having a dedicated 10mm² mains spur just for the HiFi with a 32A circuit breaker instead of the more usual 16A one. This HiFi Mains Power gives a much lower impedance to the mains source, which means that your HiFi sounds better.

We have recommended this to many customers as one of the best upgrades you can do, and always the feedback we have received has been very positive.


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