Motor Yacht AV

Occasionally we get asked to provide some special sounding systems for awkward installations. Motor yachts have their own special requirements including:

  • Tight space availability (even in the very large yachts!)
  • Difficult ventilation (goes with the tight spaces, but also the yacht owners like them to be in hot places)
  • Vibration (generally houses don’t move)
  • Mains Power (often power is cut when swapping between ship & shore power)
  • Aggressive RF environment (Often there are powerful Radar and VHF Radio signals and many very high powered WiFi signals when in port).
  • Salty Marine environment – outdoor speakers have to cope with a corrosive atmosphere.


The system on this yacht consisted of 4 zones of audio powered by Linn Sneaky DSMs driving a variety of speakers including Paradigm AMX extreme environment Marine speakers, Paradigm Millennia One surround speakers with the slim but powerful Millennia Sub to sit under the sofa. A Kaleidescape Premier system provides movies to 5 cabins and the Flying Bridge where there is a drop-down TV fitted (see Photo).

Motor Yacht 5
Marine speakers providing audio to the sun deck
Motor Yacht 4
A Drop-down TV on the Flybridge and extensive lighting
Motor Yacht 2
Discreet Milennia One speakers for the Main Saloon
Motor Yacht 3
Chris from Landau UK putting final touches to the drop-down and swivel mechanism on the Fly Bridge