Multi-Room AV and dedicated Cinema Room

Dedicated HiFi Cinema Room
Dedicated HiFi Cinema RoomThe Brief for this project evolved over a number of months. It involved AV distribution to most rooms about the house, with a variety of quality presentations depending on the room. Added to this was a dedicated High spec Home Cinema

In short we ended up with:

  • 8 zones of Sonos Music
  • 7 zones of Linn Music
  • 4 TVs with Kaleidescape Movie playback and 2 Sky HD boxes & CCTV via HD distribution
  • 6 TVs with access to another Kaleidescape player and 2 sky boxes & CCTV via HD distribution
  • WiFi and Data distribution to all rooms
  • Dedicated High quality Cinema Room

This was a long project with many planning and technical delays waiting for the Build project to progress, however the end result is a superb sounding system with Linn Digital Streaming playback for the most used rooms. The less used rooms use Sonos music players to keep the cost down.

There is a Media Equipment cupboard where we made sense of the mass of data wiring. This was designed to be as flexible and future-proof as possible, allowing data, music and video to be streamed to any room.

The Equipment Rack included: Kaleidescape Video Serve; Kaleidescape Disk Vault; Zoneripper Music Server; 2 x Sky Boxes; 6 zone HD Anywhere HD Distribution; 52 port managed Gigabit Data switch; Cat6 Patch panels to all rooms; Coax Patch panels to all rooms; TV Distribution Amplifier; CCTV IP HDR; Broadband Router; Global Cache control hub.

High performance Cinema Room

The Dedicated Cinema room was built with quality in mind. This has a 9′ screen with Paradigm Signature LCR5 speakers behind the screen, Paradigm Signature ADP rear channel speakers and a massive Paradigm Sub15 subwoofer providing the grunt. The picture was generated from the superb Sim2 Mico 150 LED projector, for a pin sharp image, and also meaning that bulb life should never be a worry.

9' Acoustically transparent screenA feature back panel and tiered seating

There are two tiers of comfortable electrically adjustable seats, and the padded walls and specialist soundproofing ensuring that even at ear-popping volumes this system will sound fantastic and won’t trouble others elsewhere in the house.

The special feeling in the cinema room is finished off with a fibre-optic star ceiling with Multi colour LED driver coupled to the lighting system.




Massive 15" sub presurises the room through a dedicated ventThe Cinema room kit list includes:

  • Anthem D2V 3D & HD Surround processor
  • Anthem A5 5-channel power amplifier
  • Paradigm Sub 15
  • Paradigm Signature LCR5 built-in speakers with backboxes
  • Paradigm Signature ADP rear speakers
  • Grandview 9′ acoustic screen
  • Sim2 Mico 150 LED projector
  • Oppo BDP-105D Blu-ray player
  • Kaleidescape M300 player
  • Front Row seating
  • Control Via dedicated remote and iPad running DemoControl


Feature back panel and star ceilingThis was one of our dream projects where we were able to put together something really special for the clients. A system that they use daily and will enjoy for years to come.