Festive Music and Movies Event 17th December 2015

Festive Music and Movies Event

Festive Music and Movies Event

Come for an evening of Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and superb Music and Movie Clips. We will be playing music from Vinyl and Digital Streaming in Studio Master Resolution as part of our celebrations for the festive season. If you have some suitable music you’d like to hear on our system, bring it along!

The very best Linn and Naim Audio equipment will be the core of our entertainment with the new and absolutely stunning Focal Sopra Loudspeakers and Melco N1-A server.

We’ll explain simply how streamed music can work for you and why this setup sounds better than anything you’re likely to have heard before.  Bold Statement perhaps ?  Theres only one way to find out !

The weather outside may be cold, however the welcome here will be warm, and the Music awesome!

The our Festive Music and Movies Event will start at 6pm and go on until around 9pm – please let us know you’d like to attend by registering for your free tickets here.




For further information to entice you a little more, we’ll be playing music through our recently upgraded Naim / Focal Sopra system using a new Melco music server which has a direct connection to the NDS music streamer.  This has made a very significant leap up in clarity, focus and open-ness on an already amazing system.  Those of you who came to our last open day will know that this is an ambitious statement !

The system comprises:
Naim NDS music streamer with 555PS-DR power supply
Linn Sondek LP12 (the very best spec.)
Naim NAC552 pre-amplifier with 552DR power supply
Naim NAP-250DR Power Amp
Super-Lumina interconnects
Melco N1-A music server with dedicated direct connection to NDS (i.e.. not via the network)
Anthem MRX710 surround processor (linked via the Naim system)
Oppo BDP105D blu-ray / media player
Kaleidescape movie server and player
Sony VPL-HW65 projector
Screen Innovations Black Diamond screen