UHD Demonstration Event

UHD Demo evening copy

Join us for a superb demonstration of Ultra High Definition movies played on our 4K Sony projector.

UHD makes the same jump again from High Definition (HD) as HD did from standard TV / DVD resolution. UHD is also referred to as 4K (though is not quite the same), as the resolution is roughly 4000 pixels wide. True 4K is a professional standard and 4096 pixels wide, though UHD and 4K are now widely banded about as the same thing.

This demonstrates what you get with the latest in UHD projection with High Dynamic Range (HDR) which gives you more dynamic range throughout the image. This improves the detail both in the darkest parts of the image and the brightest.

As usual we will have a range of snacks and beverages available, and will be happy to try to answer any questions you may have. It’s designed to be an enjoyable evening with plenty of wow factor for home cinema.