Focal Special Offers

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Ex Demo Sopra No.2 in Black Immaculate – nicely run in pair

These superb Gloss black Sopra No2’s sound utterly superb.  They come complete with original packaging (very big boxes !) including the velvet covers and foam skeletons, all accessories and spikes etc.  Available to ship by pallet delivery to most places, or to collect.

These are available to audition (strongly recommended).

Focal Sopra No.2 new price £12,999.00

This Pair £9749.00

Under Offer ! 


Sopra No.2 10th Anniversary Concrete – as new condition !

As a special 10th Anniversary of the joining of Naim and Focal, these special edition speakers were only made in limited numbers.  The contemporary concrete finish gives these a distinctive look but can match a wide range of decor.  Of course they sound stunning given an appropriate amp and source.  These come as-new but with a bit of give in the price.!

Focal Sopra No.2 new 10th anniversary price £13,999

This Pair 11,999

Save £2000 ! 


Kanta No2 in Walnut / Grey

As-new pair of Kanta 2’s in Walnut / Grey – opened box but otherwise new !   Sound stunning, come for a demo ! – coming soon – gloss black pair.

Focal Kanta No.2 new price £7,499.00

This Pair £6,999.00

Save £500.00 !


Ex-Demo Focal Kanta No1 speakers in Walnut / Gloss Black, Immaculate

Kanta 1 cover off
Kanta 1 cover on

We love our Kanta 1’s and here’s your chance to own them.  They always sound so much bigger than they are, floorstander bass performance and huge three dimensional soundstage with great timing and musicality.  Low hours use, Boxed with all accessories as you would find in a new pair.

Focal Kanta No.1 new price £4,999.00

This Pair £3,749.00

Sold !



Focal Scala Utopia Evo Loudspeakers

Scala Utopia Evo Black pair
These are truly first class high-end loudspeakers – anyone visiting our showroom recently will have heard these – it’s hard not to be impressed by them! Here is a chance to save a massive £8000 off the price of a new pair. We have carefully run these in for you, so they can be installed in your listening room, straight away sounding at their best. If you’ve not heard them, come and have a listen to these superb speakers in our showroom.   Download the specification sheet for these speakers here.


    Showroom Utopia Scala Evo pair  

Scala Utopia Evo Speakers in Black Lacquer new price £31,999

Ex-Demo pair price £23,999

Sold !