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Linn Special Offers to tempt you:

 Katalyst – New DAC architecture and a lot more…. What is Katalyst ?  Click Here to find out !


This is the perfect time to take the next step on your journey towards the ultimate musical performance. Audition Linn’s latest products, including Linn DSM players, LP12 turntables and integrated speakers, to hear the difference Linn’s ground-breaking new technologies make. Contact us to book your demonstration.


Surround Sound Processing for DSM

Now you can upgrade any Akurate or Klimax DSM to decode up to 7.1 channels of Dolby Digital and DTS surround formats.  Then by adding an Exaktbox with the appropriate number of channels (via the exaktlink on your DSM) you can drive up to 7 analogue loudspeakers and a subwoofer in glorious surround sound.   You can also use up to 7 Exakt loudspeakers.  Call for more details !

Surround Processing Upgrade: £1200


Linn DS upgrade packages:

Product OwnedUpgrade OfferOptional Renew Upgrade Package
Klimax DSMAn upgrade to current specification Klimax DSM which includes Exakt Link connections and Katalyst  £4200Renew DSM to house your original Klimax DSM electronics £2500
Akurate DSConvert your Accurate DS to the latest spec. with Exakt link and Katalyst  £1800Renew DS to house your original Akurate DS electronics £2500
Akurate DSMUpgrade to current specification Akurate DSM which includes Exakt Link and Katalyst  £1800Renew DSM to house your original Akurate DSM electronics £2500
Use your existing Speakers (See compatibility list from Linn) and drive them Exakt with an Exakt box. This takes the exakt link output from a Linn DSM, and performs all of the signal processing to drive the speakers’ drive units perfectly. If you don’t want to go the extra mile for an Exakt system, why not upgrade your amplification and go Multi-Amped?


 Ex-Demonstration Klimax LP12

For sale is our ex demonstration Klimax LP12 – this has all the usual Klimax features: Keel sub chassis, Kandid cartridge, Ekos SE arm, Radikal motor (machined Radikal PSU in silver finish), and Urika/1 phono stage (analogue version, not Exakt) – the plinth is a superb light Oak finish. This unit is immaculate and fully set-up by us to sound as good as it gets. It comes with original Linn packaging, and has a long warranty.

Visit our showroom to audition this superb example of one of the best turntables you can get!

LP12 ex demo Light Oak  Radikal ex demo silverNew price = £18,870

Ex-Demo unit £12,250

Save £6,620!






Linn Akurate DS/2 – immaculate, silver



Traded in Akurate DS, (optional Katalyst upgrade can be fitted, to give you a 5 year warranty and the latest spec. – call for details !)  Immaculate condition.

Complete with everything you’d expect from a brand new unit, including original packaging, unopened remote control, latest firmware, all leads and interconnects.  Spotless condition …..


Price New £6300

This Unit (2 year warranty) £2495

This Unit with Katalyst upgrade and 5 year warranty £3999

Save £3805 !


Testimonial from a previous Linn LP12 sale:

Alan and Bill, Just a quick mail to thank you for the warm, friendly welcome and hospitality shown when I visited your showroom two weeks ago. Your attention to detail and knowledge from an obvious personal passion for hifi shone, and although I had only just picked up your details from the internet put me at ease immediately. The ex demo LP12 I purchased from you was exactly as your ad, as new, and sounds absolutely fantastic bringing previously unheard detail to vinyl I have played on numerous occasions. I will undoubtedly be monitoring your website in the future with a view to further purchases. Thanks again, Regards, Raymond G


Testimonial from Katalyst upgrade customer:

Hi Alan,
Amazing improvements on both counts!
The Katalyst has delivered similar improvements to the ones you demonstrated in your showroom. At first you listen to the extra detail in the sound but it is really about the extra focus and musicality it delivers, basically you just want to keep on listening! This is definitely even more enjoyable than the previous version.
As for the Renew in the kitchen, that is vastly superior to the previous “i Mac feeding DAC V1″ I had before. There is probably not a huge difference between the DAC V1 and KDS Renew DACs, so it must be that the streaming capabilities of the Renew are way better than the i-Mac, as you would expect. This is also bringing a lot more out of the Dali Rubicons.
So, all in all a successful upgrade. Thanks for your advice as ever.

Testimonial from Klimax DS sale:


I thank you for your warm hospitality last Friday afternoon.

The ex-dem Linn Klimax DS I purchased was as your advert, and the Klimax LP12 I previously purchased off you around two years ago, in perfect condition. Again your in depth knowledge of hi-fi and various music file formats shone through, as did your personal passion for high quality music reproduction. As recommended I set up the DS using Linns konfig software, unit sounds absolutely superb!



AK DS0Second User Akurate DS/0

This Pre-loved Linn Akurate DS has the Dynamik PSU upgrade, and works perfectly – It comes Boxed with power cable and remote, and is available to audition in our showroom. We have checked this over, updated the firmware to the latest version and verified all functionality.


Second User Linn Klimax LP12

LP12 light OakThis immaculate unit was originally installed by us, has had one careful owner, and is in perfect condition.

It comes with Ekos SE tone arm, Kandid cartridge, Keel sub-Chassis, Trampolin base, immaculate lid, the Linn packaging, a spare drive belt and mains lead, ready to go. The Radikal PSU is the pressed steel chassis as seen in the photo, rather than the machined one.

We have serviced it, set it up ready to go, and can verify it sounds like new. This is an outstanding opportunity to own one of best ever turntables for a reasonable price – an audition is a must!

£8995.00 ono.



Linn Majik DSM /0

Majik DSM 0

Single box streaming player, pre-amp and power amp – great priced second user Linn Majik DSM. Excellent condition with accessories and box.


This unit:   £1,100.00