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 Sony VPL-VW760ES

Immaculate low hours ex-demonstration unit. A great projector with stunning image (this is a full native 4K 3 chip device) with a 30,000 hour life expectancy on the laser light source. Sony VPL-VW760ES

New Price £14,999

This unit £12,999

Save £2000!


Sony VPL-VW550ES

sony-vw550-black   Ex-Demonstration unit – Low lamp hours.  Immaculate condition – full 4K with bright 1800 lumens output.

New price £9,899

This Unit £7,245

Save £2,645!


Technics SL1200G Record Deck in silver



Superb opportunity to own the new Technics SL1200G record deck.  This is not remotely like previous models in it’s engineering and is far superior in every respect.  Brand new direct drive motor and power supply system, better arm, improved isolation and a host of other improvements means this is a much better sounding deck, and is bang up to date.  Holds it’s own agains comparably priced high end decks and has the classic looks and features of the older decks.  Nostalgia with modern performance ! We’ve fitted this one with an Ortofon Quintet Black S  moving coil cartridge (£679) which sounds sublime into a decent amp and speakers.  3D soundstage and highly focussed imaging with a foot-tapping musical involvement that will bring a smile to your face !

Price New (with cartridge) £3678.00

Ex-demo unit (without cartridge) £2099.00

Ex-Demo unit (with Ortofon Quintet Black fitted) £2499.00

Sold !

Technics SU-G30Eb-S Network Streamer / Amplifier




This is a superb one-box solution that will appeal to Technics Fans.  The streaming technology is bang up to date, sound quality is right up there with the British manufacturers and the control App is elegant and seamless.  Very easy to get into streaming with this immaculate player – just add speakers ! Read the review here :  https://www.gramophone.co.uk/feature/product-of-the-month-technics-su-g30

Price New £2799

This Unit £1959

Save £840 !

Technics SU-G700E Integrated Amplifier


Beautifully engineered and bang up to date, this great sounding amplifier has a host of inputs both analogue and digital and those gorgeous Power Meters on the front, a classic hallmark of the higher Technics amps from the past.  This immaculate Ex-Demonstration unit holds its own against similarly priced high end brands and can achieve spectacular results with a decent pair of speakers and source.  Complete with boxes and all accessories.

Price New £1799

This Unit £1259

Save £540 !

Revel B112 1000W subwoofer

Revel performa3 B112

This enormously powerful sub belies its small stature !  With a 12″ very long throw driver and a full 1000W RMS (1700W peak) amplifier behind it, produces very deep clean and fast musical bass that is capable of bursting your next door neighbour’s spleen ! This is our Go-to subwoofer in this price range and is in fact hard to beat. Comes with a neat App for setting up the crossover via a USB port.

Price New £3250

This Unit £1995

Save £1255 !

Piega T Micro 60 AMT Loudspeakers (pair)


If you’re looking for an elegantly slim pair of floor standing speakers with low visual impact, but want very high quality playback, these Piega’s from Switzerland are the perfect solution.  Lovely delicate imaging from the ribbon tweeters and a surprising measure of clean bass from these ultra slim solid aluminium cabinets.

This pair come boxed with all accessories – very low hours (probably still need running in !)

Price New £1599

This Unit £1099

Save £500 !

Oppo BDP-103 (Second user)


Widely acclaimed as manufacturers of one of the best BluRay players, Oppo have sadly stopped production. Here however is an oppotunity (:-) ) to get your hands on one of their BDP-103 players. Superb as a CD player, outstanding as a blu-ray player. Oppo at least still provide support for these, so you can rest assured. This unit is in exccellent condition boxed ready to go. Includes original box, power lead and remote control.

Oppo BDP-103  second user  £375