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Sony VPL-VW320ES projector in black, immaculate

This well looked after projector is 4K HDR compatible with the latest firmware update. It comes boxed with a remote and a mains lead. Genuine 1500 lumens output, this 3 chip projector (3x native 4K SXRD panels) gives an artefact free cinematic image on larger screens up to 12′.

Price New £6,435

This Unit £2,495

Save £3940


Sony VPL-VW790ES 4K Laser projector in black, immaculate. Ex Demo

A rare opportunity to buy our very low hours Sony Laser Projector in immaculate condition.  This is a genuine 3 x 4K SXRD panel projector (one for each primary colour) not a fudged E-shift device so the resolution is absolutely stunning with its superb optics and adjustable panel alignment.  Happy to demonstrate !  Boxed with all accessories.  Super bright 2000 lumens.

Price New £11,999

This Unit £7,499

Save £4,500!


Sony VPL-VW590ES 4K Laser projector in black, immaculate. Ex Demo

This is the lamp based version of the 790ES above, but has all the same attributes of 3 x full 4K SXRD panels, also in immaculate condition and boxed with all accessories. Bright 1800 Lumens.

Price New £6,999

This Unit £4,999

Sold !

Melco N1Z – H60 EX music server (ex-demonstration and Traded in units)

This immaculate unit has been brought up to the latest EX firmware specification, so includes Minim server and SongKong Lite. With 2×3 TB of audiophile hard disk storage, there is plenty of capacity. You get support from a Melco Master Dealer, and an extended warranty. Black case finish.

Price New £5249

This Unit £3949

Save £1300 !


We also have a second N1Z-H60 EX version (same spec as above) also immaculate, its in an N1A box but perfectly good for shipping / storage, Extended warranty and Master Dealer support. Black case finish.

Price New £5249

This Unit £3499





Ortofon MC Anna Cartridge

The MC Anna from Ortofon is a luxury high-end moving coil cartridge in Ortofon’s premium Exclusive Series cartridge range. This state-of-the-art product, representative of numerous Ortofon design elements and ideals, is truly capable of the highest degree of performance possible from a premium analogue hi-fi system. This one is less than a year old, little used (less than 100h on the clock) and is immaculate with its accessories and box. It is available to audition in our showroom.

Ortofon MC Anna Ortofon MC Anna Ortofon MC Anna Ortofon MC Anna

Price New £5500

This Demo cartridge £3200

Save £2300 !


Ex-Demo Tellurium-Q Statement Arm cable

This seriously high end DIN-Phono arm cable is normally £3600 but is worth every penny when you hear the staggering difference it makes over lesser cables ! Immaculate, Boxed….

Price New £3600

This Demo cable £2700

Save £900 !


Ex-Demo Melco E100 3Tb Expansion Drive

Melco E100

Ex Demo Expansion drive – adds 3tB storage to your Melco Music Server – simply plugs into the back of your Melco Server to increase storage capacity. This is our Ex-Demo unit and in as-new condition, also, as we are a Melco Master Dealer, this comes with a 5-year warranty.

Melco E100 price new £1099.00

Ex Demo unit price £799.00

Save £300.00!

Ex-Demo Kaleidescape M Series system:

This has been our M-Series demonstration system, and is in perfect working order. This system is approximately 7 years old hence the price, however we include a 6 month warranty.

complete ex-demo system (inc 2 players and capability for 900 DVDs or 150 Blu-Rays).  £5,685.00 – save £500 over individual prices listed below. (List price new £16,422)


Kaleidescape 1U Server

Includes 4x 2Tb disks.  Capable of storing up to 900 DVDs, or 150 Blu-Rays for instant playback (Blu-Ray disks must be present in the system (e.g. stored in the M700 DiscVault (see below).

New Price £8,154.00

This unit £2,195.00 !


Kaleidescape M300 Player

Kaleidescape Home Cinema Movie Server

Excellent 1080p Player HDMI 2K output – includes Remote control, Power supply and mains cable.

New Price £2,034.00

This unit £795.00



Kaleidescape M700 Disk Vault / Player

Combined 1080p player and 320 slot DVD / Blu-Ray combined storage and ripper. includes remote control and power cable.

New Price £6,234.00

This unit £3,195.00

More Cartridges:

We have a couple of  cartridges which all work well with high end turntables:

  • Lyra Delos  new price £1,195
  • Ortofon MC Anna (see separate second hand sale above£3,800.00 (normally £5,500)
  • MySonic Signature Platinum (probably the best cartridge we’ve ever heard!).  Our demo unit is £6,680.00 (normally £8,800)


MySonic Signature Platinum Cartridge
MySonic Signature Platinum Cartridge
Lyra Delos Cartridge
Lyra Delos Cartridge









Melco Winter Promo offers:

N100 2TB (£1,999) + D100 (£1,099) normal package price is £3,098 – winter promo price is £2,500 – saving £598


N100 5TB (£2,499) + D100 normal package price is £3,598 – winter promo price is £3,000 – saving £598


N10 3TB (£6,999) + D100 normal package price is £8,098 – winter promo price is £6,500 – saving £1,598


N10 + S100 (£2,099) normal package price is £9,098 – winter promo is £7,500 – saving £1,598


N10 + D100 + S100 normal package price is £10,197 – winter promo is £8,000 – saving £2,197

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