April News

April News, Reviews and Products

Linn have launched a new top-of-the-range streaming player with a New version of their Klimax DSM. New custom Organik DAC design, and extreme engineered case and controls, means this promises good things. We can’t wait to get our hands on one, and will report here when we do!  there are Stereo, AV and Exakt System Hub versions starting at £30,000.

Time to update your Naim Network Streamers to V3.6

Upgrade your streamer by going to settings and selecting the Check for Updates button. The App will initiate the update which should only take a few minutes. The update fixes a number of minor bugs and improves operation. Give us a call if you have any issues or need help with this update.

New Anthem MRX540, MRX740 and MRX1140 AV receivers are here!

We have had a chance to play with the new series of MRX AV amplifiers from Anthem, and are really impressed! – sharper, crisper sound, with improved soundstage full 4K video capability, and a business-like new styling. Come and hear it in action in our showroom from the 12th April.

New colourful Micropod Air from Podspeakers

Podspeakers have entered the digital streaming multiroom market with the Micropod Air:  a funky WiFi connected powered speaker available in 9 colours for £239 each. Driven by a Podspeakers App, they are based on the original Micropod shape.
The Podspeakers multiroom environment can be extended to conventional stereo systems with the Streampod -at £69 it is a low cost simple WiFi connection for your standard HiFi.

Chord Electronics demo system

We’re delighted with this diminutive (in stature only) stereo system from Chord Electronics. Exciting and dynamic sound in a very neat and funky package. Come and listen to it in our showroom.

All-Electric Hi-Fi

The more eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a new banner at the bottom of our web site. At the end of last year we installed about 12kW of Solar PV on our roof, which in theory at least is likely to reduce our carbon footprint by about 2 tonnes of CO2 per year. With all-electric vehicles and a 7kW charge point on the front of the building, we are trying to become a net-zero carbon company.