New Build Cinema Room

DH Room 1
DH Room 1

DH Room 3This dedicated room was built for a film enthusiast and inspired by our showroom. full 4K UHD HDR capability,and Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 were a must-have spec. With upholstered wall panels providing a combination of a cosy feel with great acoustic treatment. Lighting was provided by a combination of downlights and an RGBW LED strip around the ceiling reveal, and blackout blind. Lights and Blind are controlled by Rako lighting controllers, and integrated into a Logitech remote to provide simple control for the whole system.

Amplification is from an Anthem AV receiver and separate amplifier, talking to a Sony VPL-VW760ES projector via an Optical 4K HDMI cable through the ceiling. The speakers are a combination of DALI Rubicon on-wall, Atlantic technology in-ceiling, Revel sub-woofers and DALI S180 in-wall front speaker behind the acoustic Cinemascope screen.

A Sony UBP-X1000 4K Blu-Ray player provides the majority of the movie sources, with other inputs from a 4K NOW tv box, Sony Playstation and audio only via Bluetooth.

DH Room 2

The Acoustic Cinemascope screen was brought forward to be in-line with the front of equipment cupboards built underneath, with Sub-woofers hidden to the sides of the equipment cupboard, and the screen surround also from acoustic fabric to help prevent any unwanted Sub-Woofer effects.

Seating costists of two rows of Black leather Front-Row electric seats, with the rear row on a platform for the perfect view for everyone. This has clearly become a very popular room in the house!