Naim Statement comes to HiFi Cinema

Naim Statement System

Naim Statement SystemWe have just taken delivery of a shiny new toy for our showroom:

Naim Statement Pre-Amp


UPDATE – We now have the full Naim Statement system on demo !!

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We fell in love with the Statement system when we were able to demo it in our showroom some months ago. Since then we have worked steadily to have one in our showroom, and have just taken delivery of the Naim Statement Pre-Amp. It took us more time to move it into the showroom and get it out of its box than to connect it up and have sweet, sweet music wafting to our ears – oh joy, oh rapture!

This is a behemoth of a pre-amp, and lifts a veil on detail and nuance that we didn’t know was there. Naim have spared no expense here on producing one of the best ever systems. We’re in awe of the engineering, and deliciously appreciative of the resultant sounds.

Currently driving our Focal Utopia Scala Evo speakers through a Naim NAP500, and sounding awesome, we can’t wait for it to be joined by the Power Amp siblings. Come and be awed by the sound – book a demonstration.

Naim Statement S1

Here’s a little glimpse from Naim of what goes into making Statement: