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Showroom Open day 9th Feb 2017
4pm to 9pm

Come and experience the changes we’ve made to our showroom:

  • Bigger screen in full Cinemascope Format
  • 3D object oriented sound system.
  • Full 4K projector, Amp and Sources
  • Fabulous new Fibre-Optic Star Ceiling with LED surround

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Showroom ceiling

New wider acoustic screen with DALI Rubicon LCR on-wall loudspeakers behind and Focal Sopra No.2 in front, Sony 4k HDR projector, and star ceiling, significantly up the ante for performance and looks.

Studio Master Streaming

Playing downloaded high resolution audio files has been available for some time, however the bandwidth required for full 24 bit music is unreliable other than using the broadest of broadband. Now streaming service provider Tidal have launched a high resolution stream using the MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio format (currently only available from the desktop App). Originally this was developed by Meridian, however MQA has been spun off as it’s own entity, and has been taken up by an increasingly wide range of manufacturers. Good though the MQA format is,there is still no comparison when compared to a full 24 bit track downloaded and played locally from a Melco Audio Server through a high resolution streamer such as the Naim NDS or Linn Klimax DSM.

Oppo UDP-203 flying off the shelf

Oppo UDP-203

The New Oppo UHD Blu-Ray player has proved to be very popular, with our first batch going to customers just as soon as they arrived here. The latest batch has just arrived – let us know or place an order on our webstore if you want one. If you’re not sure, visit our showroom and see what it can do.

2017 should be an interesting year!

On a Plus Note: Lots of exciting new products and technology have been exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Check out the new Smart Remote as an example. Some of it is still a bit pie in the sky, however lots are available now and raising the quality bar all around.
On a Down Note: the impact of Brexit and the change in the $ rate has meant that a lot of manufacturers have , or are in the process of raising their prices – we’ve seen at least a 10% price rise almost across the board from our suppliers.

Fusion Stereo Active


Get yourself kitted out ready for the summer, and take your music with you on the water with this fabulous new waterproof Bluetooth Speaker System. Available for £299, more details are on our webstore.