Bentley / Naim Factory tour

Friday 27th May was an exciting day.  Customers of HiFi Cinema and HR Owen (Pangbourne) assembled at the Bentley showroom in Pangbourne to pick up their cars for the day and drive in convoy to Salisbury for a personalised tour of the Naim factory.


The drive was sublime – I travelled in the lap of luxury in a 6 Litre W12 Continental GT Speed (0-60mph in 4.2 seconds in a two tonne car is quite an experience with such refinement !)

The weather was bright and sunny so the journey through Wiltshire was a joy.  We listened to music on the Naim for Bentley in-car audio system – the time passed very quickly and soon we were at the gates  of Naim.



After picking up the stragglers who got a little lost (or were they just extending their journey to enjoy the cars ?) we were treated to coffee before starting the tour.

Jason Gould (UK sales manager) greeted our guests and the tour commenced.  The attention to detail and quality control was more than evident.  There were some production Statement amplifiers being built using some colossal components, like the huge transformers in the power amps – more akin to a small power station !


Above, the fascination of watching an automatic pick and place robot assembling some printed circuit boards.


How big is that speaker ?  Peter standing by a Focal Grand Utopia !


A nice buffet lunch was followed up by a fascinating talk on the history and philosophy of Naim by Managing Director Trevor Wilson.  We were re-assured that Naim won’t be moving its production to China any time soon !  This kind of production can only be achieved in the UK and we’re proud to be part of something completely British 🙂

Finally we were treated to a superb demonstration of a high end Naim system comprising an NDS music streamer (with 555DR power supply), Statement pre and power amps, and the UKs first public showing of the new Focal SopraNo3 loudspeakers.



My thanks to everyone involved in the organisation, to Trevor Wilson for making it happen, Andy and Ian at HR Owen for the superb cars supplied, Jason at Naim, and everyone in between.



Bill trying to tear himself away from his Bentley !




Hi Alan
Just an official thank you for a great day last Friday.  Please pass on my thanks to Naim for a most interesting tour which opened my eyes to the care and devotion they have,  and also to H R Owen for the unexpected pleasure of driving a super car.